Forward Together / Ymlaen Gyda'n Gilydd

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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Class 3 Mrs W May

Welcome to our class page

Spring Term 2019


Our topic this term is



We will be going on a gigantic journey to the past

where we will be learning about where and when

dinosaurs lived, how they lived and what they ate.

We will be learning their names and how to say them.

We will be learning lots of dinosaur facts and undertaking 

investigations - just like paleantologists!


If you have any books or pictures at home about dinosaurs

please will you allow your child to bring them to school

so that we can use them for our topic.


We will be going on a visit to Cardiff Museum

to a dinosaur workshop. (Details to follow)





       AUTUMN TERM 2018

Our topic this term is...

The Katie Morag Stories

We will find out about life on a small island.
We will learn about the people, their homes , jobs and general island life.
We will look in detail at The Island of Struay and
compare that environment to our own locality
and then find out about other islands  around the world.

Please will you help your child make a 'family tree'.
You can use photographs or draw pictures.
It can be 3D or flat and displayed however you wish.

General Reminders
The children will be doing PE on Wednesdays.
Please can all fruit money be paid on the Friday before
for the following week and labelled in an envelope.
The children will bring their reading books home weekly.
If your child needs a book bag these are 50p.



Summer Term Animal Spectacular

I hope you had a fabulous Easter holiday

and enjoyed your Easter eggs!

Welcome to the last term of the year.

Hope you are ready for an exciting term learning all about the rainforest and the animals that live there.

Homework Year 2

Please help your child with any homework sent home and encourage them to complete independently.

National Tests

Date for tests are 8th, 9th and 10th of May. Year 2 children will be sitting these. Please ensure your child attends school on these dates.





Please could you help your child make a 2D or 3D rainforest creature. You can use any material you wish. Think 'slinky snakes', 'funky monkeys' and 'hairy spiders'!




International Week (Week beginning 19th June)

Hola! During this week we will be learning about Spain. We will be looking at the culture, customs, food, costumes, language and famous landmarks of Spain. On Friday the 23rd you may dress in the Spanish colours of red and yellow or you can wear Spanish national dress if you wish. Gracias!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our visit to the Post Office

Our visit to the Post Office 1
Our visit to the Post Office 2
Our visit to the Post Office 3
Our visit to the Post Office 4
Our visit to the Post Office 5
Our visit to the Post Office 6
Our visit to the Post Office 7
Our visit to the Post Office 8