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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Hazel- Mrs Barnett

Spring Term.


Welcome back, I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas. Unfortunately we will not be back in school, but working on line.  (Online learning will be starting Wednesday January 6th)


Year One-year 6 will be using google classrooms. All passwords were given out before Christmas. Please let me know if you have any difficulties and I will do my best to help. I will try and make the learning easy and straightforward for you to follow. Please email me if you have any concerns.


This term our topic will be ‘Life journeys’ we will be studying mother and babies, life cycles and baby animals.

Home Learning

Well done Dosbarth Hazel for producing some amazing work. Here is a small selection ​​​​we thought you would like to see. 


We are proud of out work that we did at home.

  • Dear Parents,
    Welcome back after a long break. It was lovely to meet my new class and see everyone safe and sound back in school.  This term our topic will be ‘What matters to me’. We will be exploring well-being and relationships through stories.
    We have lots of exciting activities lined up. To keep you informed we will be using our class page on the Llwyncrwn website. We will be putting class photographs on in regular intervals. I’m sure you enjoy chatting to your children about school, so please take every opportunity to browse our page at your leisure.



On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please look at this page regularly to see what is new. Diolch!




Year 1 staff

Class teacher - Mrs Barnett

Teaching Assistant – Ms Di Mauro

One to one- Mrs Barnes


Every morning there will be a member of staff at the door to welcome your child into school and answer any quick questions you may have.

As we are unable to have parents inside the building at the moment, please email me with any queries you may have  -



Reading books will be sent home once a week on an allocated day for each child.

Reading at home is extremely beneficial for your child and we ask that you read as much as possible.

Please return book and record book the next day and make comments wherever possible.

Book bags can be purchased for 50p from school.


P.E. for our class is on a Friday. No kit is necessary at this time as we are not able to get changed in school at the moment. The children are welcome to wear joggers/ leggings and trainers to school on Friday. 





Christmas Raffle

Still image for this video
Two lucky winners of our Christmas hampers. Thank you to everyone that bought raffle tickets.


Still image for this video
Our Christmas Party 🥳 

Party games and having fun!

Father Christmas 

We had a very special visitor today. 
Reindeer Run
Today we did our Reindeer Run. We ran 1/2 mile. Well done Dosbarth Hazel!🏃‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️
Anti bullying week

We are always kind. No bullies in our class!

24 hour P.E challenge and danceathon for Children In Need!

Children in need day!

Remembrance Day

We remember the soldiers

Outdoor Learning  
We had fun learning outdoors.

We collected leaves, twigs and feathers to make wonderful owl pictures.

We planted daffodil bulbs to make our grounds look beautiful.

We played games with the bean bags and skittles to help us with our maths.

To celebrate Wellbeing Week we made kindness medals to give to our friends. We celebrated with an award ceremony.

This is our classroom, where we are safe and happy.

We celebrated our hard work by choosing our favourite piece of work.

We have been learning about how and why things grow. Today we have been planting daffodils. Thank you very much to Woodland Walk garden centre for donating our pots and bulbs.

Rohan loves lining up the zoo animals and putting them into groups.

We have been learning about feelings through stories 📖📚📖

We had fun on the playground 😀

☀️Summer Term 2020☀️☀️

Dear Dosbarth Hazel and Parents 

Normally Ms Di Mauro and I would be welcoming you back to school for your final term in Rc/yr1, looking forward to a busy and fun Summer Term. Sadly we are unable to this and we miss you all terribly.

As far as learning from home goes, activities will be set weekly on the class page.  You can select the activities you feel most confident to complete but please

don't feel to complete them all. 

More than anything, I'd like you to spend time as a family talking about your daily activities, exploring nature on your walks and reading to each other. I'd like you to work on addition and subtraction  and practise money recognition and value. and to complete this terms challenge of learning your  number bonds off by heart. ❤️❤️

I have set up a private group called ' Dosbarth Hazel' on Facebook- please request to join if you haven't already.  I will set some fun activities and Family challenges on this page too. 

Please let's try to keep in touch as much as possible on the Facebook page, or through email. My email address is

Hope to see you all before too long. 

Mrs Barnett and Ms Di Mauro 😍😍

Reading and sharing stories can help your child get to know sounds, words, and help develop literacy skills while sparking their imagination and fostering a love for books. To help with this there are lots of online videos to to check out is Picture book Author events online on Facebook have Authors reading their own books and illustrations giving tips in drawing characters.


 Just a little update on the time capsule. I would really appreciate if you could collect anything that might be useful for our time capsule. This may include rainbow pictures, cards made for key workers, newspaper articles etc .Please can you keep them in a little folder for me until we go back to school. I will be listing some written challenges for the children to do as part of their language work on the class page.

Thank you.

Monday July 13th


I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed teaching your children this year. It has definitely  been a year of my teaching career I will never forget. The pictures of your children certainly kept me going during the lockdown period. 


Normally on the last week of term we would have an end of year party. We would still like to have some fun with the children who are in this last week. If your child wants to wear fancy dress and bring in a plate of party food we will play some games and have some fun as we say goodbye to their time in Reception. Please remember we will be outside playing so make sure they are able to run and play in whatever they are wearing. Here’s to enjoying the last week of a very unusual year in Reception/ year. It has certainly been an emotional one. 




During the last week of term we would normally be winding down. If you would like to continue working with your children I have put a list of activities for revision.

Please read as much as you can.

Revise all the sounds given in the home learning pack.

Write a diary.

Practise spelling high frequency words.

Make invitations and organise play dates.

Continue to write fact files on minibeast and learn about their habitat.

Revise addition, subtraction and mathematical language sentences.

Revise o'clock, half past and quarter past.

Revise coin recognition and coin value.

Revise 3D shapes and 3D shape properties.





The role of the parent and carer is to support children to find out who they are and what they like to do. With this comes greater independence and responsibility, with children learning that they can still ask for help. We have put together some activities  to support healthy social and emotional
development through creativity, art and play. Here are some creative activities that you can use with your child, aged 3 to 7 years.


Kim’s Game
Choose 10 items. Talk about them then cover them with a cloth. How
many can you remember?


Make a bird feeder.

Follow the instructions and record which birds come to visit.


Spot the difference

Can you find all the differences?


Limbo Challenge
Using 2 chairs and a broom, create a limbo challenge with your family.
How low can you go? Who do you think will be the winner?


Leaf Treasure Hunt.

How many of these leaves can you find?


Lego Ramp
Use cardboard or paper to create a ramp for a Lego car. How far can you
make it fly?

Sunday Quiz time!

Guess the animal sound.

Top Tips:
When you feel wobbly, making a list or writing things down can help you feel steady again.

Monday July 6th.

This week  our topic will be moving away from minibeasts and we will be concentrating on 'Me and my feelings' 'The colour monster'  is a lovely story that encourages children to open up about their  feelings. 

The story map for the ' Colour monster' Please can you draw each stage of the colour monsters story in the box  of the grid. You may like  to add a caption to say what is happening eg.'The monster is red, he felt angry.( You may just like to draw three parts of the story and write captions.)

Spellings this week

Number words- One -ten

                       One - twenty

Days of the week.

Family words

This week we will be looking at the properties of 3D shapes

  1. Can the children learn at least 4 of the names of the 3D shapes?
  2. Can they find some items in the house that are 3D and make a 3D pop up shop. The children can label the items with their 3D names and maybe put prices on them to practise their money work.
  3. Can the children identify any 2D shapes on the items eg a cylinder has two circular faces?
  4. Can the children make a junk model using 3D items? They may even like to paint it.
  5. Can the children mould their playdough into 3D shapes?

Maths revision

Please practise your addition and subtraction skills.

Can you practise reading and writing your number words?

Can you practise writing your word number sentences. Use words like 'more'  'less' eg one more than seven is eight. etc. You can eve usen big numbers if you want.

Can you make a number sun using different numbers?

Can you make a  colour monster maskmatic? - Make a mask and write sums all over it

Can you use chalk and write some number words in your garden?


Facebook- Monday June 29th

Good morning,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Tomorrow Llwyncrwn will be opening their gates to welcome back the children after a long few months. If you have chosen to keep your child at home or send them back to school, I am sure you have all made the right decision based on what is best for you and your family. No decisions made at this time is a wrong decision.

I am really looking forward to seeing the children and I will do my best to make their return to school as fun as I can. Unfortunately I will be missing my Llwyncrwn partner Ms DI Mauro as, due to government guidelines she is unable to return to school quite yet. Nevertheless she will be manning the Facebook page, so that if you have any enquiries she will be doing her best to support and reassure you over the next three weeks.

I just wanted to say a big well done to all the parents who have been working hard at home to nurture their children’s learning. I know you have been working hard to stimulate your children and I have been so impressed by your determination and innovating ideas to keep your children minds healthy and happy.

During the weeks ahead I Hope team Dosbarth Hazel will continue to strengthen. This period of time will go down in history. To record this time Ms Mauro and I have been working on a scrap book and time capsule. We are also working on another project which is still in the planning stage. I will still be putting activities on my school page for you to enjoy.  




Read  and discuss the story, Sammy Sloth.

Discuss with your child how they are feeling about returning to school.

Make a worry jar- Children can write their worries on strips of paper and put in the jar to discuss throughout the next few weeks.

Children draw a picture or write a sentence about something they have overcome.

Children draw a picture and write about something they are proud of themselves for. Eg learning to ride a bike.

Children draw a picture and write about something they are looking forward to.

Children can play the mindfulness game- Feeling with your mind- Children lay on the floor and the adult encourage the children to focus  their attention to different part of their bodies. Start with the feet working their way up to their head.  

Sentence work- write a number of sentences using these sentence starters

I went

I went with

I played

I enjoyed.



Can you practise your spelling. 

Maths- Estimation


Estimation- Estimate means when you make a sensible guess and check.


Can you estimate how many star jumps you can do in 10 seconds?

How can we check how close your estimations are?

 Have a go.


Can you estimate how many hops you can do in 10 seconds?

How can we check how close your estimations are?

 Have a go.


Think of all the different ways of estimating, eg. When cooking,when measuring, when planning a journey. 


Remember to always check your answer.



Take a look at the food art.

Make a list of the names ingredients you will need, estimate how much you will need. 

Count and check.

 Have a go at making your own piece of food art.

Think about all the words in the picture. Can you write your own problems using the words.


Thrive activities useful for parents of children up to 7 years old – week fifteen

Children love having parents who enjoy playing and having fun with them. This makes children feel important and they really benefit from having some special individual time with parents, if possible, as much as 20 minutes or more each day. Use the following activities and enjoy doing them with your child. Here are some creative activities that you can use with your child, aged 3 to 7 years.


Don’t hold the pillow!

Play some music and, as it starts, throw a pillow or a ball to your child. As the music plays, throw it between each other. At random, stop the music and try not to be holding the pillow when it stops. Experiment with slower and faster music.


Make your own playdough

Find out how you can make your own play dough together.


Guess the object

Take it in turns to close your eyes, and have an object placed in your hands. Can you guess what it is? Is it warm or cold? How does it feel? Can you describe it?


Sky story

Lie on the grass and look up at the sky together. Can you see different shapes in the clouds? Are they moving? Can you see an object or figure.


Check your heartbeat

Do some activity to make your heartbeat faster. E.g.15 star jumps, running around the garden or dancing for 5 minutes. Place your hand on your heart. How fast is it beating? Does it change when you take deep breaths?


Paint your Face

Real or imaginary, paint your child’s face. Use cotton wool balls or brushes. Then let them paint yours.


Make milk art together

Take a bowl and add milk to it. Put in a few drops of different food colours if you have them, and then add liquid soap. Watch them swirl around in various shades.

Monday June 22nd

This week’s planning runs over from last week because of the Cardiff city challenge and the ‘Go Green’ Have a lovely week.


This week’s Facebook challenge is to make a mask from the 'Go Green' 

Design a rainforest poster.


The Snail challenge

Can you read the information about snails with your mum and dad?

Can you draw and label a snail?

Can you read the comprehension on snails and and answer the questions?

Can you use  the information about the snails you have read about to write a list of of facts about snails eg.

Snails have….

Snails eat….

Snails like….

Can you observe how a snail eats?


Venn Diagrams

Can you draw a n diagram with your mum or dad?

Can you cut out some 2d shapes? maybe you have some in your house.

Can you complete some of the challenges below?

Maths practise

Can you practise making some sums. You don't have to use the worksheet, just copy into your books.


What is a whole? What is a half?

 Chat about these pictures with your mum or dad



Can you write the times on the clocks in your books.

Wednesday challenge