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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Class 3 Mrs W May



   Welcome to our class page




On this page you will find our class news and lots of pictures showing you what we have been getting up to this term.

In our class we aim to have lots of fun whilst learning new things.

Diolch Mrs May - Class Teacher

        Mrs Cox -  Teaching Assistant 

        Autumn Term 2020

Welcome back to all our Year 1/2 pupils. We hope you all had a lovely Summer Holiday and are looking forward to a fun-filled year with lots of exciting new learning.

For all of us this has been a very different return to school with new ways of entering and leaving school and classrooms that look very different. As we know our children are very resilient and

have all settled well and quickly adapted to the new classroom rules and changes to the school day. We are very proud of them.

Every morning there will be a member of staff at the door to greet your child.

As we are unable to have parents inside the building at this time any queries you may have please email me at:







            Our topic this term is

       “What matters to me”

For the first few weeks we will be prioritising the children’s well being and completing lots of activities to help the children feel safe and confident within our class while getting to know them.

We will also get them involved in the planning of our topic and find out what matters to them.

   General Reminders


P.E. for our class is on a Wednesday. No kit is necessary.

Please clearly label all cardigans and jumpers.

On Wednesdays the children are welcome to wear joggers/ leggings and trainers.


Reading books will be sent home once a week on an allocated day for each child.

Reading at home is extremely beneficial for your child. We appreciate your support with reading and spelling.

Please return book and record book the next day and make comments wherever possible.

Book bags can be purchased for 50p from school.



As we are unable to provide fruit at the moment children will be able to bring a piece of fruit for snack time. If your child has trouble peeling their fruit please could you make sure it is already prepared for them to eat. Also if they are having grapes please could these be cut in half and not given whole.

Milk will be provided in school or the children can have a drink from their water bottle.

Thank you for your continued support.




          Summer Term 2020

Hello everyone, Croeso Pawb

Hope you all enjoyed Easter and had lots of eggs! Normally it would be the start of our Summer Term and we would be starting a new topic and thinking hard about all the different activities we could do. Sadly we are unable to do this and have to stay home and stay safe . So please keep practising your reading, writing simple sentences about what you have been getting up to. Writing  numbers to 100 and beyond , counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s plus addition and subtraction sums. A good resource that might help with this is BBC Bitesize that are putting on daily lessons in Maths and English starting this week . Plus the RWI sounds that we cover in school SET 2 on You Tube by Ruth Miskin training. 

Dont forget you can email me at 


Missing you all  Mrs May & Mrs Cox X




Good morning everyone -Bore da pawb, 

Hope you have been enjoying your time at home in the lovely sunshine we've been having and doing lots of exciting things with your family. As I am not on Facebook I have requested that our Year 1 children join our Year 2's on Google classroom. Hopefully with the help of Miss Davies we will have this up and running soon so you can all access weekly activities, links to useful websites plus exercise videos from our own Mr Morgan! 

Try as many of the activities as you like but please don't feel pressurised to complete them all.

It would be lovely to hear from you. Please keep in touch on Google classroom or by email -

Stay safe and hope to see you all soon. Mrs Mayx

How to log into Google


To access Google Classroom 

Follow the steps above 

  • Click on 9 dot tile 

  • Select Google Classroom

  • Choose the appropriate class


iPads, Tablets, Smart phones

  • Download the Google Classroom app


List of daily RWI phonic lessons

Thrive activities useful for parents of children up to 7 years old.

The role of the parent and carer is to support children to find out who they are and what they like to do. With this comes greater independence and responsibility, with children learning that they can still ask for help. We have put together some activities to support healthy social and emotional development through creativity, art and play. Here are some creative activities that you can use with your child, aged 3 to 7 years.


  1. Monday How many shapes can you all make with your body?
  2. Tuesday Watch the diary of a worm. 
  3. Wednesday Create your own worry worms.
  4. Thursday Visit GoNoodle and learn some yoga moves.
  5. Friday Create an imaginary world in old shoe box – we would love to see them!
  6. Saturday Go on a sensory walk around your house or garden.
  7. Sunday Make a junk model of your superhero!

Top Tips:

Imagination can help manage big feelings for both children and adults.

It’s ok to feel frustrated as the adult when times get hard – take a deep breath and have a cuppa.

Remember – it’s ok to say no. Learning about boundaries is an important life skill.

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin

Age Range: 4 - 8 years. This hilarious picture book from the bestselling, acclaimed author-illustrator team of Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss tells the advent...


        Spring Term 2020

                  Build your own rocket challenge

As we were going to do this in class maybe you can give it a go at home.

You can use any junk material you have.

Here are some ideas to help:

. Use cardboard boxes / old sheets and build a space ship in the garden .

. Make a rocket with Justin CBeebies - BBC.

. Transform a bottle into a rocket in 6 easy steps


. DIY how to make your own Rocket ship.

. Craft for kids 

  Get creative and have loads of fun ! 

 Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping busy and enjoying spending time at home with your family. 

Remember to keep practising your reading, writing and numbers. 

Here are a few things you can enjoy:

Keep fit with Joe Wicks is on BodyCoach You tube channel at 9 a.m. every weekday.

Elevenes with David Walliams

A daily fun maths session with Carol Vorderman at 

Keep smiling and stay safe 

Speak soon Mrs May 🙂

Here are a few tips to get the children to do some activities:

. Try and devise a structure for the days Monday - Friday and keep to times .

. Make sure within this routine there is plenty of time for play and the children know which part of the day is “ their time”.

Children need time to process learning, have fun and let off steam!

This helps them focus on the parts of the day when they need to learn.

Remember you are doing a fab job and doing things as a family is important at this time especially as children are unable to interact and play with their friends.

         Spring Term 2020

This term our school theme is Journeys and our class topic is  SPACE!   

We will take a magical journey into outer space and learn about the other planets in our solar system, the 1st moon landings and what’s it like to be an astronaut. Fingers crossed we’ll meet some friendly Aliens on the way! 

Solar system


        Autumn Term 2019

 This term our Foundation Phase topic is Story, Rhymes and Special Times.                  

Our class focus is based on the lovely Percy the Park Keeper books 

Pupil Voice plays an important role when planning activities for our topic and the children will be encouraged to put forward their own ideas which helps them to become independent learners.

We had a great time working with our partners designing a park.

The children enjoyed using the IPads ,laptops and books to find out facts about their groups animal.



Summer Term 2019 Animal Spectacular

I hope you had a fabulous Easter holiday

and enjoyed your Easter eggs!

Welcome to the last term of the year.

Hope you are ready for an exciting term learning all about the rainforest and the animals that live there.

                   Outdoor Learning Day

 A day to be outdoors and learn new skills. 

Outdoor Learning Day - Mrs Swains class joined our class to have a great day of activities outside. We made creatures out of natural materials that we had collected around the school. We went on a senses walk and used our skills of listening and observation. We did rubbings of different surfaces we found around the school and measured objects using our measuring snakes.

Hola Amigos We had a great time celebrating International week and learning all about Spain.



Spring Term 2019


Our topic this term is



We will be going on a gigantic journey to the past

where we will be learning about where and when

dinosaurs lived, how they lived and what they ate.

We will be learning their names and how to say them.

We will be learning lots of dinosaur facts and undertaking 

investigations - just like paleantologists!


If you have any books or pictures at home about dinosaurs

please will you allow your child to bring them to school

so that we can use them for our topic.


We will be going on a visit to Cardiff Museum

to a dinosaur workshop. (Details to follow)





We painted our hands to make dinosaurs



  Whole school topic - Tales of Wales                                       As part of the topic “Tales of Wales”, we will be reading the set of Sglod books written by welsh author Ruth Morgan and illustrator Suzanne Carpenter.

The children came up with lots of good ideas for activities

They designed their own assault course to get fit just like Sglod

After reading about Sglod keeping the beach clean we went around the school and did a litter pick to help keep our school tidy.The children then sorted the rubbish and recycled what they could.

Miss Rees came to school to help the children make daffodil cupcakes. Everyone had fun learning to roll out the icing and cut out the shapes for their daffodil . Bet they enjoyed eating them they looked delicious. Thank you Miss Rees I’m sure we will be calling on your services again!

       AUTUMN TERM 2018

Our topic this term is...

The Katie Morag Stories

We will find out about life on a small island.
We will learn about the people, their homes , jobs and general island life.
We will look in detail at The Island of Struay and
compare that environment to our own locality
and then find out about other islands  around the world.

Please will you help your child make a 'family tree'.
You can use photographs or draw pictures.
It can be 3D or flat and displayed however you wish.

General Reminders
The children will be doing PE on Wednesdays.
Please can all fruit money be paid on the Friday before
for the following week and labelled in an envelope.
The children will bring their reading books home weekly.
If your child needs a book bag these are 50p.

We acted out Katie Morag delivers the mail.

We had fun meeting Pudsey Bear and making cakes






Homework Year 2

Please help your child with any homework sent home and encourage them to complete independently.

National Tests

Date for tests are 8th, 9th and 10th of May. Year 2 children will be sitting these. Please ensure your child attends school on these dates.





Please could you help your child make a 2D or 3D rainforest creature. You can use any material you wish. Think 'slinky snakes', 'funky monkeys' and 'hairy spiders'!




International Week (Week beginning 19th June)

Hola! During this week we will be learning about Spain. We will be looking at the culture, customs, food, costumes, language and famous landmarks of Spain. On Friday the 23rd you may dress in the Spanish colours of red and yellow or you can wear Spanish national dress if you wish. Gracias!


Our visit to the Post Office