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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Class 7 Miss R Hughes

Welcome to Miss Hughes's Class Page smiley
Croeso i dudalen dosbarth Miss Hughes smiley

Summer Term 2020

Welcome to the Summer Term!   

Croeso i Dymor Yr Hâf

Half Term Monday May25th - Fri May 29th
Hi everybody, there will be no work set next week as it is half term. Relax and have fun with your family. Online work will start again on Monday, June 1st. Have a great week, take care and stay safe xx



Dear parents and pupils,

I hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well. This is an unusual start to the term, where we are all working from home and not able to be together in the classroom. Lots of you have already emailed me to say how much you're missing being in school and seeing and playing with your friends. Hopefully it won't be too long before Llwyncrwn is yet again filled with children's laughter and it is safe for us to be back learning with our friends. In the meantime, the most important thing for us is to remain safe and healthy.

Teachers have been busy setting Numeracy, Literacy and topic tasks for you to do on Google Classroom. Please make sure that you have joined your correct Maths, English and topic group in order for you to see what work has been set. There are daily Maths and English tasks and additional topic tasks for you to complete / research. Don't worry if you don't complete every task, but try to complete at least part of the English and Maths tasks each day. It will help you keep on top of things until we get back to school. Keeping up with your reading is really important too, and there are a lot of free reading books that you can download online. Of course there's always those times tables to learn if you find yourself with some spare time on your hands!!!!!!

I am missing you all, and look forward to seeing you back at Llwyncrwn when it is safe to do so. Keep communicating with me on Google Classroom or email me on if you need any help at all, or just want to tell me your latest news while we are all working from home.

Take care, lots of love Miss Hughes xxx





Have Fun Whilst Staying Fit!

  Check out our Google Classroom class page for a new P.E. resource Jasmine Active. It's designed to deliver REAL P.E. lessons at home.



This Term our topic is Pharaohs and our Science work is going to be all about habitats.



Travel back 5,000 years to discover what life was like in Ancient Egyptian times! Explore a world of pyramids, Pharaohs and mummies! Unravel the secrets of ancient tombs, write your name in hieroglyphics and discover the importance of the River Nile. Who was Tutankhamun? Why is he so famous?

What are you waiting for? Log onto Google Classroom and find out!!!



The Great Pyramid

The River Nile



A habitat is the natural home or environment of a plant or animal. It provides food, water, shelter and a space to survive. Examples of habitats include:

  • desert
  • meadow
  • woodland
  • grassland
  • forest
  • seashore
  • ocean

 A micro-habitat is a very specific, small home environment for plants, animals and insects. Examples include:

  • ponds
  • individual trees
  • under a stone
  • a pile of logs


Learn about vertebrates and invertebrates and how animals have specific features so they are suited to survive in their specific habitats. Enjoy a mini-beast hunt and learn to classify the creatures you find. How do humans contribute to endangering animals by destroying their habitats?


A Woodland Habitat

Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely walk through a local woods. How many micro habitats can you spot in the pictures?