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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Class blog


Hello and welcome to Miss Davies’ class blog! Georgia, Emelia and Rafe are your class blog team and this page is run completely by us!;)

Here you will find some examples of work that you have done and also some pictures 

Check back here every week for updates!

Hope you enjoy our blog. no                                         Image result for llwyncrwn primary school images


Emelia, Georgia and Rafe

 Enjoy the pictures. smiley 









This is a cool picture Rafe and Emelia foundsadno
 Solar System I.C.T
Maths with Mrs Mc'donald
Maths is awesomefrown
Our class likes maths, does yours?
These are the qualities you need to be an astronaut we had to rank them out of 9.
                                          check back every week for new contentno