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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Eco Rangers

Welcome to the Eco Rangers page

'KEEP WALES TIDY' Yellow Fish campaign.

On Tuesday the 5th of July, Mrs Rees and her Eco-rangers met with Tim from an organisation called 'Keep Wales Tidy'. After receiving a short introduction about the campaign, they went out to spray some yellow fish next to the drains! This is to increase awareness that pouring oil, paint, solvents or chemicals down the drain can kill fish, birds and other wildlife. They were also informed that pollution may result in a fine of up to £50,000 and expensive clean-up costs or even jail! So, next time you're around school... look out for the 'Yellow Fish' symbol next to the drains!  



Hopefully you are all aware that Llwyncrwn has been aiming towards their 1st Green Flag. We were assessed today 19th May 2016 by Mr Matthew Bunt. I am now very proud to announce that we have been awarded our Green Flag, as soon as planning permission is granted our flag will be flying high for the whole of Beddau to see.  Please keep up the good work of supporting the school and Eco Rangers. A massive thank you goes out to our very own caretaker Mr Richards, he has helped with lots of things, and nagged for the Green Flag.  So thank you Mr R. you're one in a million.


Thank You Mrs C Rees.


The Easter egg cartons were weighed in on Wednesday 4th May.  Thank you once again for you help in collecting all the packaging. here is a  picture of the amount you collected, as soon as I know the results and total weight I will inform you. Once again thank you all for your support.

Thank you to everyone who helped collect the Christmas cards for the RCT Christmas card challenge.

Unfortunately we didn't win 1st prize but we did come 3rd..smileyno...

Our next challenge is the Easter egg cartons, this will end on 29th April.  I will keep you informed of the winners. Thank you again for your support once again.

I have just received an email from R.C.T with regards to the christmas card challenge along with a picture of our cards after being weighed.

Llwyncrwn collected a fantastic 238,396g that means 799.99g per pupil, brilliant amount well done to everyone who collected. We will receive another email to tell us who won so fingers crossed.


Well we came 3rd in the Christmas card challenge, which out of 42 schools i think is pretty good, so well done to everyone that helped collect them and support the Eco Rangers.


Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th February 


The Eco Rangers Went on a trip to Aberthaw Power Station, to learn about how Electricity is generated.

They all had a great time and showed a lot of enthusiasm through out the trip and are excited to share their experience with the whole school in assembly on Friday.


Eco Rangers

Still image for this video
Whole school assembly our trip to Aberthaw Power Station and how electricity is generated