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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Nursery Mrs M Akers

Welcome to the nursery class.

Croeso i'r dosbarth meithrin.

Dosbarth Maple!


Welcome to the Dosbarth Maple/Nursery class page.



Please contact by email me if you have any problems or questions 

My email address is

Thank You

You can do this indoors and outdoors! Where was it easier to do!

Some activities for you to try!

Let’s do some yoga!


Hello everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well. Before we finished school our class started doing yoga exercises! The children were amazing and all did a good job with every move we tried. Here they are for them to show you!  They are very good for well being and mental health and encouraging a bit of quiet time, have a go and let me know how you all do!Hello everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well. Before we finished school our class started doing yoga exercises! The children were amazing and all did a good job with every move we tried. Here they are for them to show you!  They are very good for well being and mental health and encouraging a bit of quiet time, have a go and let me know how you all do!

The Children should have all received their little envelopes, with a little something from myself and the Nursery Staff.  I hope they like it and hold it tight until we’re all together again! Take Care and Stay Safe Everyone! Thank You Mrs Akers


I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather! I’ve got another activity for you to try! Let’s have some fun and create some super faces and some sticks and stones body shapes! Here’s mine, my face has a big smile just for you!.

I’ve been out walking and looking for colourful Things! I made a little egg box container and kept the lid on to stop things falling out. Perhaps you could make one and show me what you find! Good luck hunting! You can do it indoors or outdoors! πŸ‘

Exercises to try whilst we’re away from school!


RWI letter sounds.

Here are the Read Write Inc letters in the order we learn them, please learn the sound and don’t worry about the formation of the yet, we’ll move on to that when the children know the sounds by recognising the letter.

I have set up a Private Facebook page for Parent/Carers to post on.

This page is for me to set activities for you to try and for you to show me how your little darlings are getting on!

The page is called ‘Maplettes Making Memories’, take a look and add your photos for us all to see!

Here are a few photo collages of our super children, having a fab time at Nursery since they started. (Sept 19 to March 20)

March 2020

Here are a few activities for you to have a go at with your child while we are not in school.  You can see how they’re getting on and have fun helping their learning together, enjoy!

You'll be surprised by how much they actually know and do every day!  


Activities to practise!

Please take care and make the most of this time together with your super children, have fun, enjoy each other and stay safe.

Mrs Akers and Nursery staff.


Nursery Children enjoyed lots of exciting activities during the last school term, here are a few photos of some special days!



Spring Term 2019


Welcome back to the new term in Nursery Class. Our theme this term is based around the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children will be having lots of fun learning and playing together!

Image result for Jack and the Beanstalk marks and spencer

Autumn term 2018/2019



A big welcome to our new Nursery children and parents/careers, it's going to be a fun, exciting school year ahead!

We will be covering three topic themes throughout the year, and will be doing lots of activities along the way!


Our first topic is Colour, Shapes and Numbers, and we will be using the story book Mrs Rainbow.


October 2018


The children had a super morning taking part in the sponsored Dance-a-thon! They all danced, boogied, whirled and twirled with their classmates! The children had lots of fun and a super effort was made by all of them!

Well done everyone!!


We had so much fun celebrating Christmas in our class!

The children visited Fuze to have Breakfast with Santa, had a super party with lots of games and dancing, went on the minibus to see the reindeer at the Woodland Walk Garden Centre, and performed wonderfully in their Christmas Concert in front of a very big audience. 

It was a very busy time in school and the children were fantastic!


Nursery year group 2017-2018


This year the children will be working on 3 themes-

People who help us,

Dear Polar Bear,

Edward goes exploring!


We will be doing lots of fun, exciting learning activities.


Please check our Facebook and Web page for photos of the children as the term progresses.


St. David's Day!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi!​​




Chinese New Year celebrations and food tasting!


Food tasting for everyone - chicken curry, rice, noodles and prawn crackers, what a treat!!

The children did extremely well trying the food!


Pancake day!!

We made and ate pancake with a choice of delicious toppings!



Christmas celebrations!



We had a lovely Christmas winter walk to the Toasty Cafe on the Beddau Square.  Hot chocolate and warm toast was enjoyed by all! Followed by a decoration hunt on the walk back to school!


​​​​​The Dental team came to fluoride varnish our teeth!


The children were very good for the dental team, they sat superbly and made us very proud! Well done children!

Children in Need

The children dressed up for our Children in Need fund raising day!

We made super multi-coloured spotty biscuits.





🌟🌟 πŸ‘« Year group 2016/2017 πŸ‘«πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ


Spring term


Our new theme for this term is


 ' Me, myself and I ' 


 The children will be looking at differences between each other, their homes, their likes and dislikes and lots of other things.

We will be comparing our facial features and how we grow!

We will be going on a short walk around the local housing estate and carrying out some comparisons of where

we live and who we live with.

The children will be given a home task for you to help them complete and we will make a chart of the results

in class.



Week 1 of Welsh Fortnight



We have had a very busy week in Nursery Class. We have made and tasted pancakes with our favourite toppings, tasted Welsh cakes and Bara Brith, taken part in the Infant St. David's Day assembly, done lots of Welsh craft activities and dressed up for World Book Day! 


Food tasting to celebrate Chinese New Year in our nursery!


We all enjoyed trying some egg fried rice, noodles, chicken curry and prawn crackers! The children were very good and had a try of most of the food, well done everyone!


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Autumn term

We had a super time at our class Christmas Party, lots of food,

fun and games!


Christmas Trip.2017,  Breakfast with Santa, a fantastic morning was had by all!

We've been practicing our fine motor skills and eye-hand co-ordination with the help of a few pumpkins!

It was great fun and did eventually get a little messy!



 The children have settled into Nursery well.  They have enjoyed lots of fun and exciting activities during this term.

They have made lots of new friends, experienced lovely theme work and a variety of projects.

We have lots of different areas of play in our Nursery, and the outdoor area is everyone's favourite!



Nursery fun this term!




smiley Year group 2015/2016 smiley



As we are approaching the end of term, we are completing our "Dear Polar Bear" theme. We have learned about lots of different bears and their characteristics. 

This week the children enjoyed going on Bear hunt.


We hope you enjoy the holidays and look forward to seeing you all

in the new term!

If you are out and about during the holidays,

and see any flat round stones, please could you collect them for us,

 we will be painting them to make minibeasts for our garden!!

Thank you for your continued help and support!

The last of week of the half term was a very busy time for the children in nursery!


They all took part in lots of activities to learn about Chinese New Year and Pancake Day


Pre Nursery enjoying Pancake Day.

Nursery enjoying Pancake Day.







Spring term has started!



This term we will be using the story " Dear Polar Bear" throughout our working activities.

We will be looking at the different types of bears along with their habitats and the different types of weather.



We will continue to learn about shapes, numbers, colours and letters throughout the term.


We always like to encourage parents to support their children, if you would like information to help with this please do not hesitate to ask.