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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Lime- Mrs Powell

Autumn Term 2021


A big warm welcome to the children who will be in Dosbarth Lime this year. Mrs Riley and I are looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you. We hope you are all ready to work hard and have lots of fun in our happy, caring class. 


We also look forward to working closely  with our parents in order to support each and every pupil to reach their full potential. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions/concerns or positive feedback about your child - 


​​​​​​Thank you 

Mrs Powell and Mrs Riley 😊​​​​​​




Science investigation - why did castles change from wood to stone?

As part of the Curriculum for Wales children must be given the opportunity to listen to and explore a variety of international languages. What a treat Dosbarth Lime had today when one member of our class introduced the children, Mrs Riley and myself to some simple Polish. He was an amazing teacher and has much more he would like to teach us over the next few weeks - we can't wait to learn more! 

Today's phrase was... Mam na imie.... 

Polish - lesson 1 😊

Still image for this video

The children were thrilled to receive these emails this morning and to see that they were able to spread kindness in their community. They are hoping they may receive more responses over the next few days too. ❤️.

😊Spreading the kindness 😊

We have completed lots of activities this week about the importance of being kind and choosing our words carefully. 

We have been learning to sing the one kind word song and thought of ways to spread the kindness around our class, school and local community. 

Dosbarth Lime thought it would be a great idea to spread the kindness to random  people in Beddau by decorating a stone, writing a positive message on it and then hiding them in our community. 

The children were so excited this afternoon when they hid their stones. Fingers crossed the stones will be found and a photo will get to sent to our class via email. 

We will hopefully have a good response over the weekend! 

😊Spreading kindness around our community. 😊

Heart activity - the children made a heart and wrote their name on the centre and threw them into the air for someone else to catch. The children then gave a compliment to the person named on the heart they caught. We discussed how it made them feel when their friends used kind words and how they feel if someone says unkind things to them. 

Heart activity

Making shields - the children used I pads to research their coat of arms and used their research to design and make a shield of their own. The children were so engaged in this activity and produced amazing shields. Da iawn Dosbarth Lime!

We launched our modern foreign language today! We found Germany on a globe, listened to a German song and learnt two language patterns. Zehr gut Dosbarth Lime!

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Still image for this video

Our anti bullying poem in Welsh.

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Sorting and comparing jobs done in a castle to jobs today.

Ordering numbers - the children enjoyed playing dice games, juggling balls and identifying the numbers on shields and then putting them in size order.

Working collaboratively to make a timeline showing the three different types of castles

Anti - Bullying Week - 15/11/21


The theme for anti bullying week is 'one kind word'. We kicked this week off by watching a video clip called 'For the birds' and exploring how the big bird and small birds felt and why. The children worked together in their groups to act the story out and they show cased their sketches to the class.



Anti - Bullying Week - Odd sock day!

Odd sock problem solving activity.

Using a search engine to research

Problem solving - odd and even numbers

Wearing our poppies with pride

Our Remembrance display -working progress

Did you guess correctly? The children were creating a soldier!

Dosbarth Lime used the poppies they made to create a memorial area outside.

In the field where the poppies now grow.....

Remembrance craft -The children discussed ways of helping the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling. They decided to reuse plastic bottles, old paper plates and scraps of paper to create poppies for our outdoor remembrance area. They have been working extremely hard and the results are wonderful! Check back later in the week to see their fantastic display.

🍀Outdoor Learning day 🍀 - 4/11/21

The childen collected lots of different natural materials around our school and used them for our lessons outdoors. They created magnificent Rangoli patterns, colourful firework pictures and fabulous leaf art designs. 


Collecting Natural materials. 

We created colourful, eye catching Rangoli patterns out of natural materials.

Printing using natural materials to create an illuminated sky scene. .

Leaf art - we started out tributes for Remembrance Day. Can you work out what we are creating?

Welcome back everyone - I hope you enjoyed being at home and spending time with your family during half term. 🎃👨‍👩‍👦

This week is going to be all about light, fireworks, festivals and celebrations as we take part in activities related to Diwali and Bonfire night. We will continue this theme outdoors on Thursday for Outdoor learning day too.  🎆🎇

Diwali - today we researched Diwali and found out that it's the Hindu festival of light. We found out how Diwali is celebrated and we made our own Diya lamps.

😊Happy Half Term😊

Well that half term certainly flew by  - lots of fantastic learning took place in Dosbarth Lime and we had plenty of fun along the way too! 

We are already planning some exciting tasks for after half term as we continue with our theme 'This is me' and explore events that are important to us and other cultures. We will be learning about Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day, Diwali and of course Christmas! 🎄🎅🌲 

Please could you collect the following items over half term and send them into school on the first day back:

**Wax products - old crayons/old or unwanted candles

**Red leaves/ red natural materials 

**Pringle tubes

**Jaffa cake boxes/ cereal boxes

Many thanks for your continued support. 

Mrs Powell


🎅Christmas Card Competition 🎄

The children are invited to take part in RCT’s design a Christmas card competition. This years theme is 

“A Festive Christmas”

Entries will be collected on MONDAY 1ST NOVEMBER 

Please write your child’s name, year and our school’s name on the back. 

Christmas card competition - return to school on Monday 1st November

Design your own castle task. 

The children used books and the Internet to research the different features of a castle and discussed similarities and differences between the parts of a castle to the parts of their homes. They then wrote a list of the features they wanted to include in the castle they were designing and had to make some important design decisions justifying the choices they made-  would their castle be wood or stone? What material will the portcullis be wood or metal?  Would the drawbridge be down or up? What would be in the Bailey? Would the towers be rectangular or circular? Etc. 

All children were fully engaged in this task and produced excellent, clearly labelled designs. Ardderchog!!

Check back after half term to see if they can follow their design to make a 3D castle! 🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰


Developing our oracy skills.Did Jack make the right or wrong decisions?

We have been writing acrostic poems this week about the Giant from our story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

How lucky are we - Mrs Powell entered a competition and won all these fabulous Paddington resources ready for our topic next term. ⭐

Meet our class representative for the school Eco Committee. She did a grand job of feeding back to our class and the rest of Foundation Phase after attending her first meeting last week. She clearly explained the Halloween reduce, reuse, recycle event - get finding those outfits that you don't need anymore and send them into school! .

Our amazing artwork in the style of Paul Klee.


I will endeavour to phone parents between 3. 30 and 6pm on Monday and Tuesday this week. Please be aware that the number will show as withheld on your phone. If this is not convenient please  email me

Many thanks

Mrs Powell

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Diwrnod Shwmae   🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Dosbarth Lime thoroughly enjoyed Diwrnod Shwmae today. They started the day by asking and answering as many Welsh questions as they could and then went into the hall to take part in fun Welsh activities that were planned and delivered by our Criw Cymraeg. Bendigedig!! 


Still image for this video

Canu 🎶

Still image for this video

Dyma Seren a Sparc

History detectives - looking for clues about the first type of castle built!

Today was all about investigating the most popular type of house on Llantrisant Road as part of our study of our local area. The children identified the different types of houses, collected data in a tally chart and interpreted the data back in class. This was a fun session developing both humanities and numeracy skills.

Our Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow session. 🎶💃

The children had fun using the instruments they made to accompany their scarecrow song and dance. 🎶


Still image for this video

Helpwr Heddiw activities 👍

Still image for this video

We have been busy bees 🐝 again this week in Dosbarth Lime. Take a look at a snap shot of what we have been learning... 

❤️Mae Dosbarth Lime yn hoffi siarad Cymraeg.... Take a look at the video of us in our video section. Ardderchog Dosbarth Lime ❤️

We have been developing our Welsh reading skills... We love Tedi Twt. Take a look below at our video. ❤️


Still image for this video

Exploring maps and working collaboratively to create our own map of Beddau.

Using Ict to draw and label the parts of a plant.

Free choice Friday - establishing our friendships and developing our collaboration skills

Mae ysgrifennu Cymraeg yn hwyl.. 💕 Writing Welsh is fun 💕

Exploring place value and partitioning numbers.

Our fabulous Harvest display.

We have been learning to ask and answer 'Sut wyt ti?' and 'Beth sy'n bod?' this week and this star decided to try and write these language patterns in the writing area. Ardderchog!! 

After reading ' The scarecrows Harvest Festival' we designed and made a musical instrument to use to scare away the birds when the scarecrows attended their Harvest festival. We investigated the best material to fill our shakers with and described the sound each one made.

Using natural materials to create our own scarecrow.

Printing with fruit to create a picture.

I wonder.... What's grown in our local area Beddau? 

We made the most of the glorious sunshine today and continued to find out about our local area. As we are celebrating Harvest this week we thought it would be good to find out about fruit and vegetables grown locally. We walked to Penycoedcae allotment this morning and we were welcomed by the Chaiman Mr Symons and also Mr Binding.  

They showed us around all of the 50 plots, told us a wealth of information about growing and harvesting their crops and they even gave us some baby carrots, beetroot, broad beans and flower seeds to take back to school! 

Dosbarth Lime had the pleasure of seeing the alllotment's 'office' and the children sat inside there to ask the questions that they had prepared prior to our visit. 

Our class was extremely lucky as we were the first school to  be allowed to visit the allotment. We have been invited back in March to plant some seeds and then in July to see how the crops have grown - how lucky are we!! 

On return to school, we looked carefully at the carrots and beetroot and created fantastic observational drawings using a variety of media. 

We will be planting potatoes and flower seeds over the next few weeks as the children are now keen to get gardening! 😉

Visiting Penycoedcae Allotment

Our observational drawings of the crops we brought back from Beddau allotment today

Using a mirror to look closely at the features of our face before creating the hidden half of our photograph.

Finding out about where we live and learning to read and write our address.

Making our house using 2D shapes

Dosbarth Lime had a great afternoon identifying and naming the different types of houses and buildings in Beddau. 

Exploring the different types of houses and buildings in our local area.

First Day in Dosbarth Lime. 

All of the children settled well in their new class today! 😊😊

The children  responded well to new routines and were pleased to meet their new teacher and catch up with their friends. 

The children had fun exploring the outdoors to create faces using natural materials to show how they felt about being in their new class. 

A fun day was had by all and I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow!! 



Using nature to explore feelings.

Playtime fun!

                                                Pirate Party!


*We made pirate hats, we went on a treasure hunt!

*We collected doubloons.


* We made a tally chart to see how many doubloons we collected.


* Our captain made us walk the plank!

We had fun in our party.....

We hope you have a fantastic holiday. Stay safe! 

Week beginning 5.7.21


Dosbarth Lime continued working on Pirates this week. They enjoyed listening to the story 'Gardening Pirates' and produced Pirate Wanted Posters. They also explored co ordinates and created their own fabulous treasure maps. Da iawn pawb! 

Treasure Maps 6.7.21

This week is Sports Week. 


We had fun today taking part in sprint, egg and spoon and obstacle races. 

This week is International week


We have been learning about Germany. 

We found Germany on the globe