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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Ash- Mrs James

Welcome to Reception!

Croeso i derbyn!



Summer Term 2021

How on earth is it our last term already? It feels like only yesterday we were starting our journey together and we are now nearing the end of your time in Reception. At least we are back in school for my favourite term - the Summer Term.


I love the summer term, as hopefully the weather will be better so we can spend lots of time outdoors and you all start to amaze me with how grown up and clever you have become. Plus I love our topic this term - life on the farm and the fabulous stories by Julia Donaldson based on the What the Ladybird Heard series.


I hope you enjoy your last term in Reception and we make lots more wonderful memories along the way. 

Let’s have lots of fun and learning this term

Mrs James 😊


To end our farm topic we had a fabulous farm day. The children dressed up as farmers and had fun ‘shearing the sheep’ 🐑, ‘milking the cow’ 🐄, taking care of the eggs 🐔 and pinning the tail on the pig 🐷. What a great end to the year! 😁

Farm Day 2021


What a busy week learning all about Italy.🇮🇹

Dosbarth Ash have learned where Italy and Wales are on a map, drawn and compared the two flags, made flag or pizza hats, talked about food Italy is famous for and then tasted different flavours of ‘gelato’ and chose their favourites to make and interpret a pictogram. 

They have also learned some key words and phrases and how to count to 10.

To end the week they came dressed in Italian colours or themes and were challenged to create two famous Italian landmarks out of large boxes - The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum. 

International Week 2021 - Italy 🇮🇹

Whilst learning about 3d shapes we have done some 3d recycling sorting, made a 3d ‘city’ and worked together to create large scale cubes and cuboids.

As part of our topic work on farms the task challenge was to design and create our own scarecrows. 
Mr Furber helped the children make the frames and then it was time to choose their outfits before all the stuffing and decorating took place. How amazing were the end results? 😍
And no, ….before you ask the staff were not the inspiration for the finished models! 🤣🤣
Now the big question is where shall we put them? 🤔

As part of our farm topic Dosbarth Ash painted cows and pigs using watercolours. They followed step by step instructions to draw them carefully before mixing watercolours to paint them.  Some budding artists in the future no doubt.

So many skills in this paired activity. Subitising the dots on a dice, choosing the correct colour pen, practising spelling and forming the letters of some of our high frequency words and taking turns with our partners.

Last day of half term - fun Friday

Diwrnod Seren a Sbarc

Outdoor learning

Gymnastic fun

Sunflower Day 2021

Dosbarth Ash boogie on down for Dance-a-thon 2021

As part of Outdoors Week Dosbarth Ash had to solve a sentence problem written by the Ladybird from our current book ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’

Armed with magnifying glasses and a clipboard the children had to find and then read the ladybirds tiny clues and put them in the correct order to form a sentence. 
Great teamwork and reading all round! 

Outdoor fun and games

             Spring Term 2021

I am very sad that we are not starting this term back in class together but it is important that we stay safe and well.  While we are working at home we will carry on with RWI, Read Write Inc to learn our sounds and will continue to work on our understanding of numbers to 10 and beyond as well as starting a new topic all about cold places and looking at life in the polar regions.


I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m sure with the support of your family we will make the best of it.  We will be using Seesaw as our main platform for providing you with our online learning and for you to send back the completed tasks and activities for me to see. It is a great tool for the younger children in the school and I’m sure you’ll soon get used to it.


If you need to contact me for anything at all please either do so by email or via the Seesaw app or our private FB page.


Hopefully we will all be back in class soon and some sort of normality will resume. Until then please do your best but remember safety and happiness must always come first.

Mrs James 😊

Ice Decorations 
While we've been at home we've been busy doing lots of activities. We made some pretty ice decorations - we collected some Winter treasures on our walks, put them in containers of water and let them freeze. When they were frozen we took them out and hung them up outside to see how long they would last. Look at our beautiful pictures....... 
Outdoor Number Hunt
We went on a walk searching for numbers. We had to look very carefully to see if we could find all the numbers from 0-9. See how we got on........ 
Investigating Ice
We took some ice cubes from the freezer and thought of some words to describe how they looked and felt. Then we put them in different places to see which one would melt the quickest. We filled in a table with the results. 
Snowman Biscuits
We made and decorated biscuits to look like snowmen. Some of us followed a recipe. We talked about weighing, measuring, timing and what could be dangerous when we're cooking. 
Save the Animals 
We had more fun with ice. This time we had to put some little animals or other figures in containers of water and put them in the freezer. When the water froze our animals were stuck! We had to think of ways to get them out using things around the house and see which was the quickest way to set them free.