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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Hawthorn- Mrs Arnold

Healthy Sandwich

Fruit tasting


Easter Egg hunt

Easter bunnies

Deaf Meet Up

Frog Life Cycle

A Creative Visitor 

As part of our Winter of Well-being, our class had a wonderful lady visit who specialises in ceramics. Lucy taught us how to work with clay and helped us to make a Monster Pinch Pot. We loved it and created some brilliant designs. Thank you Lucy. You were amazing. 


Investigating trees

World Book Day…enjoying books!

Happy St Davids Day

Pancake Tuesday

Love is in the air

Parachute investigation

Still image for this video
We made parachutes using different materials. Which was the best? Can you guess?


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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We talked about fair testing, hypotheses and conclusions.

🤩🤩Welcome to 2022! 🤩🤩

smileyJANUARY 2022smiley




I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately, due to this new variant, we are back to class bubbles and staying together at all times. No integration will be taking place until further notice. Don't know we will make it fun and happy despite the ongoing Covid situation.


Please can I ask that you keep your child at home if they display any of the symptoms of Covid. I will be ringing if I feel they are unwell and they will need to be picked up. This ensures that the class remains open...if myself and Mrs Williams and Miss Lloyd catch it, we will be back to online learning. Let's keep each other as safe as possible during this difficult time. Thanks.


This term we will be looking at FLIGHT/GRAVITY. This topic will have a heavy Science and technology base. Not only will we be looking at aeroplanes/helicopters etc but also broaden to flight in animals, history of flight and moving on to gravity  and doing experiments and tests around this topic. 


Monday 10th January will be a science immersion day and we will be carrying out activities to ease the children into the topic. If they would like to dress up as mad scientists, they are very welcome!


Let's start this year with a bang!


Science launch

Bouncing eggs

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The vinegar made the egg shells dissolve and we ended up with bouncy eggs! We talked about chemical reactions.

Crystal stars

That’s a wrap!

Signing Santa 

Thanks to Kathryn for letting the class know about the fantastic signing Santa In Caerphilly. The children loved it. 😍


🎄🎄 Signing Santa 🎄🎄

Autumn 2 

November 2021

Welcome back everyone! Great to see all the children back in class. It's the countdown to Christmas now!


Snack for the term is £10.50 or £1.50 per week. 


Harry Potter Banquet Friday 26th November


Swimming and PE are the same days as last half term for the juniors. 



Searching for Eddie

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Eddie the Elf sent a letter to class telling the children to search for him around the school.

Found Eddie!

Still image for this video
After searching the whole school, they found him!

Eddie’s Arrival and Breakfast

Harry Potter Party

Doughnut Challenge

Still image for this video

Sealing letters with wax

Making Diwali Sweets

Toasting Marshmallows 

We had a great time toasting marshmallows. A big thanks to Mrs Akers for allowing us to use her fire pit as the barbecue we had just wouldn’t light! Outdoor learning in the sunshine is the best

Toasting marshmallows

          Autumn Term 

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful summer and are raring to go!! We have seven weeks until half term and this terms topic will be “Magic”. We will be reading books with a magical theme, concocting potions and spells and celebrating their magical selves! 

Junior PE days 

Year 6… Thursdays Swimming Thursdays

Year 4… Mondays Swimming Fridays


Snack is back so please send in your snack money. if you haven’t paid for the term, it’s £1.50 every Friday. 

Lets have a happy and exciting Autumn Term. 



Sorting Hat

Harry Potter Art

The sorting hat!

Friends Forever

Following instructions

A big HIC welcome to our nursery newbie! He’s settled well into Llwyncrwn Hearning Impaired class ❤️

Busy start to September 2021

Outdoor learning

Summer Term


A huge welcome back to everyone!!!

It is so good to get back to some kind of normal and we hope this term will see the end of isolating and lockdowns!

This term our topic is Under the Sea. We will be asking the children what they would like to learn about and it will probably be sea creatures, habitats and pirates! Anything that you see that is related to this topic, draw your child's attention to it. 

We are hoping to go on some trips in the second half of this term. We want to study Rock pools in Ogmore and obviously go to Barry! 


Treasure Hunt using Coordinates

Walking The Plank!

Ping pong Dares

Dodgeball Monday

Rhythmic gymnastics

Still image for this video
As part of our fun sports week, some of the children asked if we could do a dance with ribbons! So they had great fun in the hall.


Swedish Food Tasting

Shark attack!

Still image for this video
They love playing this game!

More outdoor co-ordinates

Still image for this video
We love learning outdoors! We are very fortunate to have an outdoor co-ordinates grid.


Still image for this video
This is how we do Topic, maths, reading and outdoor learning in one hit. They had a great time!

The children constructed a pirate ship using natural materials. They worked so well as a group. 

Outdoor Fun 


We had a great time making family faces out of natural materials. We are so lucky to have the beautiful school grounds and an abundance of plants and trees. It makes outdoor learning so much fun. 

Happy Class 😊😊



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We had a great time dancing around!!!

Bug Hunting 🪲🐛🪱🐞🐜

Wednesday Outdoor session

Bye Bye Girls ... flying off to mainstream 🥰

Spring Term 2021


Hello everyone. Not the start of the year that we wanted but I know we shall get through it together! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Santa came!


Our theme this term is Fantasy. We will try and cover certain aspects of it but we can't wait to get back into the classroom! 

Let's get the children's imaginations running wild. I want to encourage the older children to read Harry Potter so if you have a copy, get reading! 

I will stay in contact via email, What's App and we will have weekly HELLO sessions on Google Meet. 


Stay safe everyone and fingers crossed that we will be back in class very soon!!

Autumn Term 2020


It is so so good to be back in class and to see all the children. I know it will be different and there will be new procedures that we have to get used to but I'm sure we will cope. 


The Autumn term's topic will be Rainbows! We think this is very fitting under the circumstances. So this term it will be colourful, all about well-being and we shall have fun! 


We welcome our new member of the class, Mila-Rey who is 4. She has fitted in so well already.





Party time

Christmas Party 2020

Doughnut Mania

Still image for this video
The challenge was to eat the doughnut off the string without using your hands!

🎄🎄🎄Christmas Time 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

We look after each other in our class. Our older children are excellent role models for the younger members of our class. We are so proud of them. heartWe look after each other always.heart 

Christmas 2020 Our Gonks


As part of our well-being week, the children have been doing lots of work on friendship and what makes a good friend. Here they are completing a group activity on "The Perfect Friend Recipe"


We have been looking at the artist Wassily Kadinsky. He was the first artist that stopped painting portraits of inanimate objects. Instead, he started painting what he heard and how he felt. The children completed their own Kadinsky circles.

Tie Dying Fun

Halloween Prep

The Beauty of our class


Our children all look after each they do in every class at Llwyncrwn. But our class is very special as the older children look out for the younger ones. Here's Autumn looking after our new little girl. We have a big age range but it brings a big load of love too. 




A little trip

smileySUMMER TERM 2020smiley

Hello everyone!


Well, this is a very strange blurb I am about to write for our Summer term activities. With lockdown continuing, I need to remind you how much I am missing you all. I am messaging everyday (my need really!) and checking in on all of you and I think you are all superstars! smiley


I hope the weather continues to be good and I want you all to get outside and look at nature. You've all been given the gift of time, so use it wisely (social distancing of course!) 


I'm waiting for my letters to land on my mat every morning and then I shall write back. Letter writing and drawing pictures is a really good way to make writing real and to also document this time. We can look back on these letters in years to come. 


I have everything crossed that we will be returning in some way to our lovely classroom before July. This will be Jasmine's last term in Primary and it can't end like this, can it?? 8 years together!


I miss you all. Stay safe and if you need me, I'm here heart

Happy New Year


A massive happy new year to you all. I can't believe we are actually in the Fabulous Twenties! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and the children are well rested and ready to work.


We are carrying on with our Julia Donaldson Books as the children have loved them. So we are starting with Room on the Broom. We have a trip to the theatre to see this book come to life....letters will be out by the end of the week. 


Let's have a great term!


Mrs A



Budding Scientists




We have had a very Scientific Week! We are studying Solids, Liquids and Gases and looking at Solids that pour. The children have loved using the microscopes, observing the solids carefully and feel like budding Scientists!



Fabulous Friends

Elf Antics


Our naughty Eddie The Elf landed in class at the beginning of December. He has been very mischievous this term!! Here are some of his antics ........

smileyAutumn Term 2019smiley


Hello Everyone. I hope you had a great summer and are all ready for another exciting year in class!

We welcome a new pupil to our class. His name is Tristan and he's in Year 5. I'm sure he will love our class!


This term our topic is The Gruffalo. We will be completing lots of activities around the book and we are planning on visiting the Gruffalo Trail in Caerphilly. 





We will have a great term! Look out for updates and pictures from our adventures. 


Mrs Arnold, Mrs Stallard and Mrs Williams



We had great fun in the Halloween Disco


Outdoor Learning

Our Walk in Beddau Woods

sad2019....SO FAR!sad


Apologies for the lateness of Mrs Arnold updating this page! As you know, we are well into our Transport theme and we are currently in the middle of a Welsh Month. The children are enjoying all things Welsh!

We will probably carry on with the Transport theme into the Summer Term as there is so much more we want to do. 

We had a lovely visit to St Fagan's. The children enjoyed it. 


St Fagan's

laughEnd of Summer Term 2018laugh



Hello Everyone

Just a quick note to say well done on a great year. We bid a fond farewell to Jacob who moves to his comprehensive school in September. We wish him the best of luck and I know the children and staff will miss him. 


Hope you all have a great Summer. Lots of chatting please! 

Our topic in September will be SUPERHEROES!


See you in September


Mrs Arnold 

smileySummer Term 2018smiley


Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a great Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate.

We have another busy term ahead. The national tests will take place at the beginning of May (Years 2-6). Please don't worry about these! The children can only do their best. smiley


Our topic for the term ahead is "Let's Celebrate". I'm going to let the children lead their own learning by asking them what they would like to learn about. I'm hoping they will name weddings, birthdays, births, Christenings etc...smileysmiley


We will (hopefully) have a mock wedding at the end of the term where we will ask the children to dress in their best clothes and bring an item of food to school to share with the class, so we can have a "wedding breakfast" in the afternoon. 


If you have any old bridesmaids dresses, old suits, ties etc that you could give to us I would be very grateful. 

Any pictures of your weddings would be great too! 


Thanks everyone 

Mrs Arnold

Autumn term 2017


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the Autumn Term. Hope you all had a great Summer and did lots of speaking, talking and listening. I can't believe that this is the last year of Primary School for 3 special pupils. We will be saying bye to Rose, Jacob and Kyle this year as they head off into the big wide world of


This term, we welcome a new little girl called Autumn. She is 4 years old and is Reception year. Welcome to our class Autumn!


This term our theme is Percy The Park Keeper. We will be reading all the books, completing lots of written work and looking at animals and where they live. We will have Percy's Hut as a role play area and we will be visiting park and woodlands around the area. 

The Autumn term is one of my favourite and we shall be looking for all the signs of Autumn, and building up to Halloween and Bonfire Night. 


This term is always jam packed and busy.  


Halloween disco is on Thursday 26th October   Nursery and Infants 5.30-6.30

                                                                            Juniors 6.45-8pm

Mrs Arnoldsmiley


Summer  Term 2017


Hello everyone. Welcome back to school. I can't believe how fast this year is going and we are in the last term already. 

This term, we are learning all about MINIBEASTS. We will be looking at all different bugs and insects, learning their names and finding out about them. This will tie in with work on Habitats and Growing Things in Science. 

The juniors will be learning about Non-Fiction texts and how to retrieve information from reading passages. The infant children will be listening to lots of stories connected to Minibeasts and improving their writing and reading. 

If you have any books on insects, draw attention to them and ask the children the names of the insects that they see in the environment. Go for a walk in your local woods and have a good look for bugs and insects. Take pictures so the children can show their classmates.     

It's all about language and building their vocabulary. 

This term, Year 5 goes to Llangrannog. There will also be Sports Day in June and I will hold a Parent's Coffee Afternoon for you to come and see your child's work and chat to the other parents and myself. 

Spring Term 2017


Welcome back everybody and a happy new year to you all!


Our topic this term is Fairytales and Traditional Tales. The children will be listening to lots of stories, including Snow White, Beauty and The Beast, The Enormous Turnip. The junior children will be learning about characters, settings and story writing. The younger children will be completing lots of work based around Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood. 


I am am planning two trips; to Castell Coch for a picnic and later in the term to the cinema to see Beauty and The Beast. 


It's all about language and listening and learning new vocabulary. 





Welcome back to school everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Summer and all the children are ready to work! 


We need to welcome 2 new members to our lovely class. Dylan is in nursery and Aimee is in Year 2. They have settled beautifully into our happy class. 


This term our topic is all about Space. The children will be learning all about the Earth they live on and basic facts about the planets in our Solar System. We will turn our play corner into a Moon Space camp and have astronauts floating around. 

We will be using our imagination to create Alien planets.

Any thing that you see related to our topic, draw your child's attention to it.  It's all about language. 


Earth third planet from the sun


Image result for Pictures of earth


Autumn term pics 2016

Welcome to the Summer Term Folks!


Our topic is Under The Sea! 


We will be transforming our classroom into an Under The Sea Habitat with a submarine and Mermaid cove. We will be looking at and naming all different Sea Creatures and learning about the habitat that they live in. 


We will be going on lots of little trips to the local beaches but we are planning a trip to Weston Super Mare to the Seaquarium in July. 


Lots of exciting learning will be taking place this term!


Dive Under the Sea with These Ocean Wallpapers

Seaquarium Trip Weston Super Mare

European week...Italy 🇮🇹

Welcome to the Hearing Impaired Class 


Spring term 2016


Welcome back to class everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas and the children had a great time. 


This term our topic is all about "Weather". We will be exploring all types of different weather and different effects the weather has on our planet. Ask your child what the weather is like; draw their attention to rainbows, hailstones, snow, ice etc..


It's all about language! Keep talking, chatting and developing their oral language and listening skills. 

World Book Day

Welsh Lovelies