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Ordering and sequencing

Ordering and Sequencing Numbers Games


These fun learning games for kids involve a wide variety of ordering and sequencing numbers activities.They provide opportunities both to recognise a number sequence and complete sequences of numbers.


Caterpillar Ordering

A wonderful game for ordering numbers and for number sequences. Fantastic on an interactive whiteboard and tablet friendly.



You'll love this ordering game! Order numbers, prices or mass. Levels range from numbers 1 to 10 right up to decimal places. Very versatile.


Number Patterns

It's the year 2010 and the world has been taken over by Roboidz. You need to use your number pattern know-how to crack the Mission 2110 codes and cut off the enemy's vital food source.


Counting Caterpillar

Order numbers along a branch. You can select the minimum and maximum numbers.



Drag the decimals in the right order. There are different levels of difficulty.


Guess the Number

In this game see how many turns it takes you to guess the number. It will help your estimation and halving. You can put in your own numbers to make it as easy or hard as you like.


Come to Order

Order the numbers then choose the appropriate greater than or less than symbol.


The Greatest Game Ever

Can you beat the computer's number by making a three-digit number of greater value by choosing the place for each digit?


Negative Numbers

Outsmart the Mission 2110 Roboidz by ordering the negative numbers in ascending or descending order.


Mystery Numbers

A place value game where you need to place the heavy blocks in the right place to build the mystery numbers.


Compare Numbers on a Number Line

Compare numbers on two different number lines and decide which is bigger. A great game to get children thinking about reading varying scales.


Chinese Dragon Game

Chinese Dragon Game is an ordering and sequencing numbers game based on the Chinese New Year dragon theme. 


Comparing and Ordering Numbers

You will love these games on ordering three digit numbers. The numbers are randomly generated so you can play as many times as you like. Aimed at 7 to 8 year olds.


Ordering Numbers including Negatives

A simple game where you need to order the numbers from smallest to biggest. The range includes negative numbers.


Place Value Headings

Test your number skills with these challenges against the clock! The games can help you to understand the place value of digits and help you see how to multiply and divide decimals by 10 and 100. 


Place Value Millionaire

A maths game which will test your knowledge of place value. Select either one player or two player options. Could be used as a class quiz. Suitable for 10 to 11 year olds.


Number Patterns

Can you crack the code to open the safe by working out the number sequences?