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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Birch- Mr Morgan

Croeso i Ddosbarth Birch

Welcome to our class page. This term our topic is 'Iechyd Da!'. We will be posting updates and pictures throughout the term so you can see the exciting things that we are getting up to.


P.E.- Monday and Wednesday
P.E. clothing - Children can wear suitable footwear and bottoms to school alongside their school polo shirt. 


I have posted CLIC tests, as well as some other resources onto the Google Classroom page for children to practice whilst at home.


Thank you for your support, Mr Morgan. smiley


Summer Term - Iechyd Da! (Good Health!)

Diolch to Liam from the Cardiff City Foundation for coming in and helping us develop our ball control. We had a fantastic first session and already can’t wait for next week! ⚽️

Thank you Sports Direct for sending us equipment, we used this equipment to complete the Sports Direct ‘Sports Slam’ challenge! We got to develop our skills in tennis, basketball and athletics, as well as our teamwork skills through ‘squad games’.

Visit from Mrs Jenner, our Gardening Club lead - We were very fortunate to have a visit from Mrs Jenner today to talk to us about how important it is to her to work outdoors and do gardening. It was really interesting to hear how being outdoors and being mindful of all our senses can improve our wellbeing. We all had the chance to try to identify some different plants by their scent.

Diolch yn fawr to Mr Clement from Chi Education for giving us a wonderful morning working on the Strictly Dancing project! We focused on the Brazilian Carnival. Here we are showcasing our creations on the ‘Carnival Catwalk’.

Excellent debating and negotiating skills on display today using the Banana Split resource to decide who should be paid what from the sale of a banana. We then looked at how the pay is really distributed, how fair this is and the importance of Fair Trade.

Diolch yn fawr Mark from Squash Wales for coming into school to deliver a session with us! Some of us had never heard of squash and only a few of us had tried it before, we all enjoyed this new and fun experience! 😊

Whilst discussing our well-being, we recognised that spending time exploring nature contributes positively - we went on a flower hunt, where we sketched and described the different species of flower on our school grounds. We used the Seek app to help us identify the flowers.

Diolch yn fawr to Lyndon and our therapy dog Gwen for paying a visit to us today - we all had a lovely time with Gwen and discussed the importance of emotional well-being.

Spring Term - LET’S EXPLORE!

We have been speaking a lot about our own ‘wellbeing’ recently - we decided to express our feelings and emotions in the form of poetry. After taking inspiration from Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’, we created our own versions to go alongside our poems.

We had lots of fun experimenting with different objects to find out which ones conduct electricity - this then led us to conclude which materials make good electrical conductors.

We hope everyone enjoyed the Mother’s Day gifts that we worked so hard on! First, we experimented with metals to find out which ones were magnetic and suitable to use as our magnet. Then we conducted market research by looking at products that we can buy in the shops, discussing which ones we liked and disliked, giving reasons why. Next we designed the magnet that we were going to make for our mum’s and granny’s, thinking about the materials and colours that we’d like to use. We decided that we would like to make it ‘useful’ by adding a peg to the design so that we could use it to hang things on our fridges. Finally, it was down to making them and writing instructions as to how we did it!

Wow! What an amazing time we’ve had taking part in a day full of fitness, fun and team-building provided by Forces Fitness! It was lovely to work alongside our friends in Dosbarth Elder. What a brilliant end to our whole-school wellbeing week 😀

We’ve had so much fun with circuits this week…here we are building motorised circuits to enact a UFO spiralling out of control just like in our class reader ‘Space Oddity’!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Mr Morgan gave us some equipment and challenged us, in pairs, to make the lightbulb light up! We used our problem solving skills and without realising, we had formed a simple, electrical circuit!

As part of our time topic in maths, we used stopwatches to time ourselves completing a series of events. We recorded our times, put them in order but most importantly, we had lots of fun!

Wow! Look at these amazing rockets, UFOs and aliens that we made as part of a home learning task! We planned and made our creations using recycled materials. Diolch yn fawr to our parents for supporting and helping us with these at home!

This term we are enjoying reading ‘Space Oddity’ by Christopher Edge. The children decided that they wanted to create one of the characters from the story, Ion Jones. They applied and developed their knowledge of different mechanisms to make sure Ion could move. Excellent work pawb!

We had so much on our trip to Techniquest! We explored the different elements and activities, then we watched and took part in an interactive show based around forces! (More pictures of the trip will be posted onto the Dosbarth Elder Class Page)

We had a great morning working together to build a windmill and then program it to perform certain actions. We enjoyed exploring the different elements of the code to work out what each specific part did. Thank you Technocamps for delivering this session with us!

Let’s Explore an alien crash site!

LET’S EXPLORE Launch Day! We had so much fun launching our new topic! (There are more pictures of the children on Mrs Greig’s Class Page)

Autumn Term - THIS IS ME

We loved completing our section of the whole-school Reindeer Run!

Dosbarth Birch and Dosbarth Elder enjoyed the Christmas party!

Working collaboratively to solve a Christmas Maths Mystery…

Christmas Jumper Day

Compter en Français 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇫🇷

Still image for this video

We enjoyed taking a trip to Tynant Woods alongside Dosbarth Elder! We had lots of fun exploring and learning about how the land in this area has changed over time. We also got to meet some pigs, our favourite was Boris!

Our lovely new class display has brightened up our classroom and put a huge smile on our faces! 😊 The theme of this years ‘Anti-bullying Week’ is ‘One Kind Word’. Each pupil had four other members of our class write One Kind Word about them, they also wrote One Kind Word about themselves. This activity put a huge smile on all of our faces.

We are archaeologists!

Diolch yn fawr to John, our friend from the Beddau community, who came in to talk about his time working at Cwm Colliery. Dosbarth Birch and Dosbarth Elder asked fabulous questions and listened carefully. Da iawn i chi gyd.

We have been learning about what jobs people had in the mine. Each group was tasked with independently researching about a specific job in the mine. They presented their findings to the rest of the class and I was so proud of every group for what they were able to produce with very little input. The children wrote and performed raps and songs within their presentation. Some groups used actions and some children incorporated artwork into their presentation. Bendigedig pawb, gwaith da!

Diwrnod Shwmae!

We enjoyed our drama lesson this week! We created freeze frames of key moments from the Welsh tale ‘The Daughters of the Sea’.

We have had lots of fun during harvest week!

Collaborative Learning - First we spent time discussing how Beddau has changed after studying pictures taken 70 years ago. We then created iMovie’s to present our information - gwaith da pawb!

Following our ‘investigation’ last week, we learned that some of us were correct, the pictures were from Beddau! They were taken in the 1950’s. Today we visited the same places to see for ourselves how Beddau has changed.

Over the past few weeks we have been working on different elements of dance. Today, we worked in groups and choreographed our own dances showing the growth of a daffodil. All groups worked fantastically well as a team and the dances were very creative. Gwaith da pawb!

Picture Investigation - Where were these pictures taken? Why do you think they may have been taken here? When do you think they were taken?