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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Holly- Mrs Heaven

Dosbarth Holly, SLC2 Welcome To Our Class Page! 


Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to a new term at Llwyncrwn. 

Our whole school topic this term is 'This Is Me'. We are basing our learning on two of the Curriculum For Wales AoLEs, Humanities and Expressive Arts. We will be learning about where we live; our homes, local area and Wales, Welsh music and songs. We will be looking closely at ourselves and each other, learning that we are all different and unique. Please look on Classroom and Gmail for class information as well as schoolwork and homework. PE is on a Wednesday at the moment. We have started providing snack at morning break; please send in £6 for the half term or pay £1 each week.



You can contact me at any time via email

and through the Stream page on Classroom.

Mrs Heaven smiley



Our Beddau Village Walk. 11th October 2021. We enjoyed finding different types of houses, and looking at all the shops and facilities. We are paying a visit to Pontypridd Town after Half Term.

We Are Very Busy in SLC2!!

Harvest Festival Week - Do you like our finished Apple Prints and Leaf Rubbings Artwork?

Harvest Festival Week 27th-1st October 2021-What leaves can you name? We have made leaf rubbings and drawings, and also used apples from the grounds for printing to make Harvest pictures.

Goodbye to Ryan and Cody. Good luck in Hawthorn boys!

9th July 2021 - We took a trip to Ponty Park to look at all the flowers and plants. We enjoyed a play in the park as well. We will be saying goodbye to Cody and Ryan as they take the next steps in their education journey. Good luck boys! We will miss you both x

10th June - We made family faces in the outdoors using natural materials with the children from Mrs Arnold's and Mrs Swain's class.

Do you like our finished shades of green display?

Shades of Green. We have looked at all the shades of green in our lovely school grounds. We also made our own shades using yellow, blue, green, black and white paint. Can you see all the different shades? We have painted our own pictures using Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!' painting as a stimulus. What animals have we disguised?

Planting. We planted tomato and sunflower seeds. We watched broad bean seeds grow in clear plastic cups. We also carried out an experiment. Can you spot the seed which has had NO WATER and the seed which has had NO SUNLIGHT?

Plants Around Our School. We looked at all the shades of green in out lovely grounds, and we will be making green pictures based on Rousseau's 'Surprised!'.

Dance-A-Thon 2021 - To celebrate International Dance Day, we held a dance-a-thon to help raise money for the school. Look at our moves!!!!

Our Nativity Story. Merry Christmas From SLC2!!!!

Our Nativity Story

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A Special Visitor

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The Angel Gabriel said you are having a baby. Mary told Joseph.

A Long Journey

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Mary and Joseph were travelling to Bethlehem. Mary was riding a donkey.

No Room

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The Innkeeper said we have too many people here.

A New King

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Baby Jesus was born in the stable.

The Shepherds

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The Angel Gabriel told the shepherds a new king is born. They followed the star to Bethlehem.

Gifts For A King

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The three kings followed the star to Bethlehem. They had presents for the baby, gold, frankincense and myrrh.


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King Herod said I order all babies in Bethlehem to be killed. He wanted to kill the new king. Joseph had a dream about Herod and they went to Egypt to live.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Look at Our Raffle Prizes for 2 Lucky Winners!!!

Wednesday 9th December - Our Reindeer Run. Look on our drives for some great videos!!