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Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division Games

Learning the Times Tables need not a tedious chore! Learning them can be fun if you build up your knowledge gradually through using these fun multiplication and division games. It is a good idea to begin with the 2x, 5x and 10 times tables and secure these times table facts before moving on to the others.

Hit the Button

Quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, division facts, doubling and halving numbers against the clock. 



Try this good game for practising your times tables. The game starts with testing your 4 and 7 times tables but then you can choose any table. Just click on the number to choose the right answer. Click again if you make a mistake.


4 Times Table Shooting Game

Do you know your 4 times table? See how fast you can pop the bubbles underwater.


Multiplication and Division

Enter the top secret world of Bamzooki and protect the Zooks by working out the multiplication and division sums. Give your mental maths skills a boost!


Meteor Multiplication

Shoot the meteors that have the answers to the multiplication questions. This will really test your knowledge of all your times tables! There are three levels of difficulty.


Multiple Matrix

A game which can help you learn your multiplication facts. It can show multiplication patterns in a hundred square. Try the questions to find the sets of multiples under 100.


Times Tables Grid

This maths game uses a multiplication grid to help you to learn your times tables. You can either select the table you want to focus on or choose all tables. Work against the clock or in your own time.


Learn Your Tables

Practise your times tables by either selecting which table you want to learn or try the mixed tables activities.


Sum Sense - Multiplication

This game against the clock will test your knowledge of your times tables.


Sum Sense - Division

A good strategy game against the clock to test your division skills.


Space Rocks

You will enjoy playing this game where you need to find pairs of factors. 


Place Value Headings

Test your number skills with these challenges against the clock! The games can help you to understand the place value of digits and help you see how to multiply and divide decimals by 10 and 100. 


Finding Prime Factors

A brilliant tutorial explaining what prime numbers are and how to find prime factors of numbers. Designed for 11 to 12 year olds. It can help with the understanding of prime numbers for KS2 SATs.


Multiples, Factors, Primes and Composites

An interactive lesson featuring cartoon characters who explain what multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers are. Try the questions throughout to see if you understand. Aimed at 9 to 10 year olds.



How well do you know your tables? This game is all about division facts. The better you know your tables the easier it will be!



Enter the world of the top secret society Bamzooki to work through the challenges where you need to work out the missing signs in the sums. Find out whether you need add, subtract, multiply or divide symbols in the games.


Factors and Multiples

Play the factors and multiples in this game with Princes Dick and Dom. Your mission to make an antidote to combat a terrible plague spreading through their Kingdom.