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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Maple- Mrs Akers

Welcome to the nursery class.

Croeso i'r dosbarth meithrin.

Dosbarth Maple!


Welcome to the Dosbarth Maple/Nursery class page.



Please contact by email me if you have any problems or questions 

My email address is

Thank You





September 2021-July 2022

A big warm welcome to our new nursery children of 2021/22

Our class is called Dosbarth Maple!🍁

We have a fantastic tree in our forest area that we’ll be visiting throughout the year to see how it changes through the seasons!


Our Autumn Term whole School theme is

"This is Me" 


We will be doing lots of learning about ourselves, who we are, where we live, our families, homes, pets, likes and dislikes and much more. There will be some hometasks throughout the term and lots of activities for the children to learn about themselves! 



Friday 15th October is Diwrnod Shw'mae, where we will be celebrating the Welsh Language. We are asking pupils to wear Red, Green or White to help celebrate the day! 



The children have been told all about our 'School Houses', where they can gain 'house points' when recognised for doing something special, kind, working hard and many other things. Here they all are with their house mates! 


We have had a very busy introduction two weeks in Dosbarth Maple. The children have settled well, made new friends and have found their way around the setting very quickly. 

We have had lots of fun in the two part time groups and are now ready to come together full time to start the journey through Nursery Class! 


Having fun playing, making friends, and settling in to Dosbarth Maple🍁/Nursery Class!


September 2020-July 2021


β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈSummer Term! β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ


Welcome to the Summer term, let’s hope for some lovely weather,  so we can get out and about in the glorious fresh air!


Our theme this term is 


We will be using the book

Hooray for Birds! By Lucy Cousins

It has some beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story!



We have come to the end of an extremely different year in school! It has been a challenge for us all, but the children have been fantastic and we are immensely proud of each and every one of them! 

To end our time together we had a little party and the weather was very kind to us! 




International Week! 



The children tried some delicious French food, made some super craft pieces and built landmarks found in France using packing boxes. We talked about the people, places, food, traditions and learned some words and a song and did some counting ! The children even answered the register in French! 

The building activity needed the children to look at pictures of special places in France, such as The Arc de Tiomphe, Eiffel Tower and  Pont Neuf, they then recreated them using the boxes in groups. β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹





Making cereal feeders for the birds! 

                                                                The children made bird feeders to hang in the trees, using Cheerios Cereal and pipe cleaners. They wanted the birds to enjoy some treats. They threaded the cereal onto the pipe cleaners, took them to the woodland area, choose where was best to hang them, whilst thinking about how the birds could get to them and balance when eating them and placed them where they thought best! Lots of concentration, desions making, thinking skills and problem solving used in this activity! 



Exploring and having fun together in Calon y Coed.

The children were set tasks to build a den/shelter.  They were given some sheeting and ropes, and then the Dens were created by them.  Amazing results and lots of co-operation, team work and helping each other!πŸ‘πŸ‘


* * **************** * *


Friendship Recipes!


The children were asked what they thought were good things to have, or be in a recipe for being a good friend! 


They gave some super answers and were all very enthusiastic to tell us their ideas!



Connecting with Nature!

Although it had been a wet few days the children were all excited to get ‘wellied up’ and get outdoors at Calon y Coed for a great outdoor play session!

They had a great time connecting with nature in our school surroundings! 

We had a senses session, listening, smelling, looking and feeling Nature all around us!






Preparing to plant and planting our Sunflower seeds!

The children had to collect mulch from our delivery and bring it back to our yard to use in their labelled pots! Everyone needed to fill a pot and help fill our class trolley!  They were super helpers and enjoyed doing some hard work!

The children added some compost and placed their sunflower seeds in before giving them a good water!




Looking after EGGS!

Each of the children collected grass, hay and shrubs to make a safe and warm nest for their REAL egg! They all made a label for their pots. They ensured they were kept in a special place where they would not get damaged! It was each child’s responsibility to take care of their egg over the days ahead! They took them wherever they went and made sure they were ok!


Outdoor learning week




Outdoor fun times in mud, grass, sand and water!

The children had a fantastic day today taking part in a squishy mud run!

They also used their super skills to get through a camouflage net!



Mud and camo net runs!


Outdoor learning week!



We collected lots of dandelions to make pretty pictures and our own delicious honey!

The children threaded the dandelion stalks through the card and taped them at the back to hold them in! They looked amazing!

We followed a recipe to make the honey and had a delicious tasting session to see how sweet it was!

We then made beautiful sparkly mobiles from old dvds/cds and colourful feathers! They catch the sunlight and twinkle when they shine!


🍁Spring term!🍁

January-April 2021


It has been an unusual star to our Spring term this year, due to being in lockdown!

The children are doing a magnificent job of their blended learning activities, I am so very proud of them all. πŸ’—

A big THANK YOU for all the help and support from all our Parents and Carers, you are doing a wonderful job! πŸ‘πŸ‘




Our theme this Term is based on the book ‘Dear Polar Bear’.

It is a beautiful feel good story about friendship and kindness, and is a lovely way to instil and encourage this in our children!




Easter activities in

Dosbarth Maple!




It’s time to plant our seed potatoes!

The children have checked all the potatoes and have decided that they are now ready for planting!

They made sure the potatoes were spaced out and planted deep enough for them to grow well!

They all did a marvellous job, they encouraged and helped each other complete our garden task!





Yoga practice!


It was Yoga time in Nursery today!

The children practiced their poses and balances, while listening to a story about a little bear on an adventure in the woods!



We’re going on a Bear Hunt!


We were very brave today! We all visited Calon y Coed looking for Bears!

The Children looked here, there and everywhere!

They found lots of Bears, there were grizzly, panda, sun, moon, sloth, and American blacks all hiding in the woodland trees!






World Book Day 

The children dressed up to celebrate World Book Day! They all looked fantastic and had a great day reading lots of wonderful books together!



Let’s get our seed potatoes ready for a super crop!


The children enjoyed preparing our seed potatoes for planting.  They learned about what needs to happen before we are able to plant them, how we plant them to ensure they grow, and how to carefully handle them not to break the sprouting chits!



St David’s Day/Dydd Gwyl Dewi

Great celebrations in class today! 

The children made Welsh flags and sang some Welsh lovely songs! 

The children did a super jobs singing the songs, they only had a short time to learn them and have practised with lots of enthusiasm!



Fun and games in our yard and Nursery garden area, lots of outdoor learning and play! We love getting dirty and had lots of laughs and giggles!


We started our term with a visit to our wonderful woodland area Calon y Coed!

The sun was shinning, the birds were singing and Dosbarth Maple we’re smiling!

We played on our woodland music wall, found frogspawn in the pond, hugged our 🍁Maple tree, danced and sang songs on the stage, played in the mud kitchen, forest bathed, built sticks and stones creations, a few children helped to cut some tree roots and we all thoroughly enjoyed having fun in the fresh air with our class mates!


🍁September-December 2020🍁

🍁Autumn Term🍁


πŸŽ„Christmas in our super classπŸŽ„


The children had a terrific time celebrating the Christmas festivities.

They made cards, calendars and decorations to take home for their families.

Every day one of the children decorated a tree or wreath, so they looked different from day to day.

We recited a whole book together and recorded it for everyone to see and hear!

The children did and amazing job of this, and made us all very proud!


Christmas Jumper Day

Our delightful Children learnt a complete book to recite for a whole school performance on our website. (This is available on the website under Children -  School Video - for you to view, have a look, it’s such a treat!) The book was called ‘That’s not my Santa’. The did an absolutely fantastic job! Can you spot the children holding up every page they learnt?

Posing for Christmas Decorations!

Super smiley faces!

Please continue to practice our Read, Write, Inc. sounds. 

Please remember to say the sound the letter makes and not the name of the letter!



            Anti-Bullying week!             INDIVIDUALITY and DIVERSITY!


The children spoke about their family and friends, and learned about how we are all different but all equal! They discussed colour, ability, our backgrounds, age, friendships, languages, and cultures.  We all had a very busy, fun week and did some super work to show our learning! 


The children enjoyed listening to the Story of Rana and Sita for our Diwali learning. They coloured some Rangoli patterns in bright colours to put up on our wall! They are beautiful!

           Children in Need 2020.               

Remembrance Poppies

The Children made fantastic Poppies to remember our soldiers and to say ‘Thank You’ for all they have done and do for us everyday!


🍁🌳Outdoor Learning Week🌳🍁

Stone painting, looking at colours and new colours by colour mixing, great fun and quite messy! Our flowers will look fabulous!

Bonfire Leaf Pictures

🍁πŸ”₯The children made some fantastic pictures using the leaves they had found in our forest area. They designed their own Bonfires, used lots of skills and had great fun outdoors! The children looked at the shape, colour, and size of their pictures, then compared their design to their classmates.  They finished off the Bonfires with a BIG sprinkling of super, shiny, sparkling glitter, and I’m sure you’ll agree they look amazing!πŸ”₯🍁

Leaf hunting at the forest area, in preparation for our bonfire night pictures!

Well being and learning about emotions!


Emotion faces hunting in the forest area in the sunshine together on a beautiful day!



We have started looking at our Read, Write Inc letters this week!

Our first letter to practice is,


m   m   m

Please can you find items that begin with m to reinforce the sound with your child?

eg money, milk, mat, moon!


We have also been practising our numbers from 1-5!


  1   2   3   4   5  

Please can you help your child to name and recognise the numbers in day to day situations, such as at the shops, on road signs, house numbers, car registration plates and much more!

Here are some photos of our first term together at Nursery class!

We’ve been taking part in lots of activities, that help our socialising and learning!

We practice our learning together and sometimes on our own quietly, but having fun and enjoying what we do is the most important part!

We make sure we all engage in times where we look after each other and ourselves!

We take part in mindfulness sessions, yoga activities, wellbeing tasks and lots more!



September 2019- July 2020

You can do this indoors and outdoors! Where was it easier to do!

Some activities for you to try!

Let’s do some yoga!


Hello everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well. Before we finished school our class started doing yoga exercises! The children were amazing and all did a good job with every move we tried. Here they are for them to show you!  They are very good for well being and mental health and encouraging a bit of quiet time, have a go and let me know how you all do!Hello everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well. Before we finished school our class started doing yoga exercises! The children were amazing and all did a good job with every move we tried. Here they are for them to show you!  They are very good for well being and mental health and encouraging a bit of quiet time, have a go and let me know how you all do!

The Children should have all received their little envelopes, with a little something from myself and the Nursery Staff.  I hope they like it and hold it tight until we’re all together again! Take Care and Stay Safe Everyone! Thank You Mrs Akers


I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather! I’ve got another activity for you to try! Let’s have some fun and create some super faces and some sticks and stones body shapes! Here’s mine, my face has a big smile just for you!.

I’ve been out walking and looking for colourful Things! I made a little egg box container and kept the lid on to stop things falling out. Perhaps you could make one and show me what you find! Good luck hunting! You can do it indoors or outdoors! πŸ‘

Exercises to try whilst we’re away from school!


RWI letter sounds.

Here are the Read Write Inc letters in the order we learn them, please learn the sound and don’t worry about the formation of the yet, we’ll move on to that when the children know the sounds by recognising the letter.

I have set up a Private Facebook page for Parent/Carers to post on.

This page is for me to set activities for you to try and for you to show me how your little darlings are getting on!

The page is called ‘Maplettes Making Memories’, take a look and add your photos for us all to see!

Here are a few photo collages of our super children, having a fab time at Nursery since they started. (Sept 19 to March 20)

March 2020

Here are a few activities for you to have a go at with your child while we are not in school.  You can see how they’re getting on and have fun helping their learning together, enjoy!

You'll be surprised by how much they actually know and do every day!  


Activities to practise!

Please take care and make the most of this time together with your super children, have fun, enjoy each other and stay safe.

Mrs Akers and Nursery staff.


Nursery Children enjoyed lots of exciting activities during the last school term, here are a few photos of some special days!