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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

School Council

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What is a School Council?

"Children and young people have the right to express opinions on matters which affect them and have those opinions taken seriously".

(Article 12-The United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child)


The Welsh Government has adopted a definition of Participation based on Article 12 which is:


'Participation means that it is my right to be involved in making decisions, planning and reviewing any action that might affect me'

'Having a voice,having a choice'.    Welsh Government


At the start of every year, School Council members are elected by their peers, from each class from Year 2-6. 

The School Council elects a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson,Clerks and Treasurers.

The aim of the School Council is to give pupils the opportunity to express their views on school life in a forum where they will be listened to and action taken where appropriate.It will also enable them to actively participate in improving the school community.