Forward Together / Ymlaen Gyda'n Gilydd

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Welcome to Llwyncrwn Primary School

Dosbarth Oak- Mrs Swain

Spring Term

January 2022

The children have really enjoyed this story as an introduction to our topic.

​​​​​​​Here is some of the work that they have completed one the past few weeks. 

Welcome Back

Christmas comes and goes and it is always nice to come back to school and settle down to work and routine once again.

We have had a lovely start to the new year and new term.

We have welcomed two new friends to our class. They have settled in well and it feels like they have been with us forever. Well done Alfie and Harri it is hard to come into a new class but you have done well.

Our topic this term is

Let's Explore: Earth in Space

The children have really embraced the topic so far. We have done lots of talking and thinking about what they know and I'm sure they will enjoy finding out and learning lots more.

We will begin by exploring our planet first before exploring the rest of the solar system.

As always Mrs Challinor has some lovely ideas for craft work relating to the theme and for other special days and celebrations this term.

Feel free to explore the topic at home with your children, I am sure they will enjoy learning at home as well as in school.


Christmas is Coming!!!

Today we have started preparing for our Christmas video. We had lots of fun doing the video last year and I am sure the children will work just as hard this year. 

I hope they've not given anything away and you'll have a lovely treat when you watch it!

We love showing everyone just how hard working the children are and the effort they put into performing is commendable.

​​​​​​​SO..... watch this space for this year's Christmas video from our class.



This is Me Crafts

We are so lucky to have Mrs Challinor in our class. She has lovely ideas and we always have a great time doing craft activities.

We used different materials to write our names and they are really pretty!

A Visit From the Firefighters  

Our Year 2 boys enjoyed the firefighters talk about fire safe today. 
I think Riley looked great in the uniform. Maybe he’ll choose this as his job when he’s older.

Our Harvest Celebrations

Here we are with our collection of food that we brought in to give to Beddau Angels.

They will kindly distribute the food in the community. 



Harvest Art and Craft

Here are some of the lovely Harvest crafts we have made during our celebration.

Mrs Challinor has fabulous ideas and we always make lovely things with her.

Harvest Wreaths

Here is another lovely craft idea that Mrs Challinor had to help us learn about Harvest and why we celebrate.

We really enjoyed making these. We had to do lots of cutting and sticking. painting and glueing but we  have a lovely display in the classroom to remember why we celebrate at this time of the year.


When we were learning about Harvest and being thankful for our food we thought about other things that we are thankful for in our lives.


Fruit and Vegetable Printing

We had lots of fun getting a little bit messy printing and making pictures using fruit and vegetables as part of our Harvest celebration.

Harvest Work

We had lots of fun doing all the art and craft activities but we also enjoyed the language and maths activities relating to Harvest. 

Here is some of the work that we have done over the past two weeks.


We did lots of work on the stories 

The Little Red Hen


The Enormous Turnip



Happy Birthday

Mr Harrington

I can't believe it's been a whole year since we first sent our lovely friend birthday cards for his special birthday.

We have enjoyed staying in touch throughout the year and making him birthday cards again a year later.

​​​​​​​I am so proud of the children's enthusiasm when making cards for someone they have never met but know by doing what they are doing they are making someone happy.  

Here are some pictures of us making the cards and going to the post office to send them.  


Dosbarth Oak

Croeso nol

Welcome back

At the end of the summer term we had to say goodbye to two of our friends but we can now welcome two new friends to our class.

They have both settled in well and feel happy and confident in our class.

Unfortunately we've not had the best start to the term with two of our families catching Covid but hopefully from this week we will all be back at school and ready to work hard.


A Trip to the Post Office

It's been almost a year since we first send birthday cards to our lovely friend Mr Harrington.

We have a beautiful sunflower in the peace garden grown from the seeds that he kindly sent us.

We made him a card and sent him some photos of the sunflower.


We really enjoy going out and about for little walks in Beddau.

Dosbarth Oak

September 2020



Here we are


planting an oak tree that Mrs Challinor grew from a tiny acorn.

The Titanic 

The children have really enjoyed learning about the Titanic.

Mrs Challinor allowed the children to design and make their own Titanic and they were VERY enthusiastic.

Look at these amazing ocean liners.

We are very proud of how hard the children work.

We hope you have room for them.



International Week


We have had a lovely time learning about FranceItaly and Spain.


When we learned about France we painted Monet’s Waterlillies and made a lillypad.

We enjoyed making the Leaning Tower of Pisa when we learned about Italy.

We enjoyed making International Week T-shirts.


The Peace Garden 

Our lovely friend Mr Harrington sent us some seeds. We took some home but planted others in the school Peace Garden. 
Dosbarth Elder have worked hard to make the garden look nice and we have given them a helping hand.


We like making cards and keeping in touch with Mr Harrington. 
I am sure that he enjoys receiving cards as much as the children enjoy making them.

We are very proud of them and their enthusiasm to keep in touch with such a lovely gentleman.

Contact Bubble Sports Day

We had a great time this morning having our own little sports day. 
Thank you Mrs Arnold for organising it.

Here are some pictures of the lovely activities.


St Fagans

We had a lovely day out today saying goodbye to our fabulous friends Billy and Benjamin.

The weather was glorious and the children were amazing! They make us proud every day and when we are "out and about" they NEVER let us down.

This trip has been a long time coming! It did feel a little strange being on the minibus again but you will see from the photos we had a really lovely day.​​​​​​

 After such a hard year of being unable to leave school, Billy and Benjamin will have been able to make some very happy memories  today and we wish them lots of luck in their new schools.

Come back and visit us and always stay in touch. We will miss you very much. 



Planting Seeds

Here we are planting seeds sent to us by our lovely friend Mr John Harrington.

A few months ago we were very lucky to have the opportunity to make a lovely gentleman happy on his special 90th birthday in lockdown.

We have stayed in touch and last week after seeing our pictures he very kindly sent us some seeds to plant.

We decided to make the most of the warm weather go outside to plant the seeds. Here we are in our school peace garden.

We really enjoyed ourselves and here are the pictures.

Thank you Mr Harrington it was very kind of you to think of us and we love staying in touch with you.

Here we are planting the seeds

Outdoor Learning Week

Materials Hunt

We really enjoyed looking for different materials in our school grounds.

This is what we found!



Summer Term 2021

Welcome back to a new term where things are beginning to feel a little safer. 

As we returned to school after February half term I feel that we are now ready to settle down and work hard until the end of the school year.

All the hard work that you did when you had school at home has meant that you are all settled into routine and working as hard as you did a year ago before this nasty virus came.

I am very proud of you all every day and look forward to enjoying a whole term in school without any disruptions.

So let's have some fun, learn lots and just enjoy being in school. 

Here are some photos of us enjoying  being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

In our class we spend a lot of time talking about our feelings and well-being. Being outdoors makes us feel happy and gets our brains ready to work when we go back to the classroom.

We are lucky that we have such lovely school grounds to enjoy. 


It is such a shame that we were not able to return to school after Christmas but we have to stay at home to stay safe.

As with the spring and summer lockdown you are all making me so proud and happy because of all the hard work that you are doing.

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all the parents for everything you have done and are continuing to do, to support your children with school at home.

Google Classroom and Google Meet is something new. I know not all of you have the confidence to use it and that is fine but for those who do use it you have learned very quickly and are doing really well with IT.

Seeing photos and videos of you and the work that you have done really makes my day. Please continue to send them until we can be in school together again.

The most important thing to say is please stay at home and stay safe so that we can all be together again. 

Here are some of the photos that you have sent me over the last few weeks. If I have missed any I am sorry but if you want to send me more I can put them on here at any time.

You are the BEST children ever and I am the LUCKIEST teacher ever.

I can't wait until we are back together in school but until then keep up the good work you are doing BRILLIANTLY!



Don't forget this saying-


Let your smile change the world but don't let the world change your smile.


Christmas Dinner 🎄

Anti-Bullying Week

I was pleased to be sent this lovely work that the children have done with Mr Morgan and Mrs Challinor while I'm at home self isolating.

I am always very proud of the effort that they put into the activities and work set. 

​​​​​​​WELL DONE to you all, your work is lovely and you send a good message out to everyone about being kind to each other!

As we always say

It's NICE to be NICE!


Children in Need

We have had a lovely fun day today for Children in Need.

We started the day having a DANCE-A-THON  with Mrs Heaven's class and it was just great!

We also spent a lot of time talking about Children in Need, thinking about

Acts of Kindness 

and how our actions can make other people feel good. 

In the afternoon we did some Pudsey Popat and all the children worked really hard.

The fun part of the afternoon was making a Pudsey mask and book mark.




Outdoor Learning Day

We had a lovely day today enjoying some autumn sunshine and looking for our class tree.

We also collected leaves to make hedgehog pictures which will be displayed on here when they are done.

We didn't find our tree today but we are not going to stop looking!

Here are some photos of our little activity this morning.



smileyWell-being Weeksmiley

It's the last week of a long but happy and productive term. Our new children have settled in really well and we are now a big happy school family as opposed to a medium sized happy school family.

We had some fabulous discussions today to find out what the children understood about well-being and they were amazing. 

Here is a photo of their ideas. I will post more throughout the week. I'm sure it is going to be a good one to end the first half of the autumn term. 

Nine Children Doing Something Nice

When we heard that a lovely gentleman was going to be 90 in October and due to the nasty virus he wouldn't be able to celebrate with his family and friends we decided that we should try and make this big and special birthday EXTRA special.


We thought it would be nice if we all made him a birthday card to open on his special day.


We did some research and did a GOOGLE search to look at some 90th birthday card designs. We all chose one that we liked and made a card for Mr Harrington.


It was a mini project for us and one that we really enjoyed. I was overwhelmed by the children's enthusiasm to make an elderly gentleman happy. I am so proud of your lovely children for showing so much empathy and kindness during these unusual times when nobody can celebrate and enjoy family time together. 


Here are the photos of the process from planning to posting.



Working hard on the designs

The Cards

I am so proud of the effort that all the children put into making these lovely cards I am sure as parents you are too.